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    What is the longest run you normally do in training for a marathon and why do you choose that distance? When do you do this run?

    Just curious,


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    26 miles…4 1/2 wks out…because kemibe said so…

    http://www.kemibe.com (proceed into the Donnybrook with caution)

    http://www.runningtimes.com/issues/99julaug/artmar.htm (that which does not kill me makes me stronger)


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    I would not recommend this to most people but I go up to 30. The reason I would not recommend this is because most people don’t have the base to support such a long run. My personal take is that, with exceptions of course, you shouldn’t venture beyond 20 until you are comfortable at least with 50-60 mpw. As you work up from there, I would have the long run mileage climb at a slower relative rate than weekly mileage.

    My reasoning behind this is that I believe too many people put way too much stock in the long run and ignore other crucial training components. The long run is of course a key component but it isn’t the only thing that matters.

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    I’m content with a couple of 20 milers, but I have gone up to 22. Usually, when I’m bumping up my long runs I do it in 15-20 minute increments. So I’ll run 2 hours one week, 2:15-2:20 two weeks later, etc. Since my body is used to that 15-20 increase, I figure my longest run needs to be within 15-20 minutes of my goal time. Example, if I’m shooting for 3 hours, I’d like to run 2:40-2:45 for a long run. Since I run them fairly slow, 8:00 to 8:30 pace, that’s right around 20 miles.

    As for timing, I’d say at least 2 months out, if I want to get in at least three 20 milers. Figuring backwards, my last one would be 3 weeks out, then 5 and 7. This is just a general guideline. I’ve done more than three 20 milers prior to marathons and I’ve done 20+ milers 3 out of 4 weeks too. I believe Joan Benoit did them every 10 days. That’s kind of hard with a “regular” job.

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    I really like the remise set forth by Pfitz on this and arguably ran my best marathon with it, though not a PR. A couple 22 milers, ran slow enough to put you on your feet for as long as you plan to race the marathon. I.E. 3:00 hour goal in marathon, 3:00 hours for a 22 miler. PSKI

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