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    I was tossing something in the kitchen trash last night and my back cramped up… been here before and I didn’t like it then…

    so I hobbled to the family room, hubby got me ibuprofen and an ice bag and I laid on the floor and iced the back… and not really the lower back, that seems to have cramped in sympathy, the muscle that hurts (still) is on the right side and is around the illiac crest (the part of your hip that has a bony protrubrence on your lower back… heck it’s the connection point for all kinds of hip & back & leg muscles…

    I guess the good news is that while I have a hotel reservation for my marathon (3-19, VA Beach), I didn’t send in my registration, oops, forgot to do that on Friday… but it takes the pressure off and I can truly listen to my body and not try and push it if it doesn’t improve…

    funny thing, I did something similiar last year (but in February)… and of course last week was really a great training week, even with the cold (not as bad a WI)… hubby said to give a few days before I write it off… but I know that it’ll have to heal, then get limber, then build the training back up and I had hoped for this one to be a bit faster (of course)… and I don’t feel I have to prove anything so I could pass it by if it isn’t happening the right way…

    heck, I have a back up plan… my sister-in-law lives in Brookings, S.D. and Dick Beardsley is the speaker at their marathon in May… sorry for the rant… sound advice always welcome…


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    That sounds painful – are you going to see some one for a deep massage and do some very slight stretching? What plans do you have for fixing this terribly timed problem?

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    The back is a strange thing. I remember my freshman year of college hurting my lower back in January. I couldn’t do anything without pain for two days. On the third day, it felt much better. Somewhere around day 5, I was on the indoor track setting a 5k PR that stood until my junior year. Take care of it and see what happens over the next few days before writing anything off.

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    Sports massage works wonders for cramps and less acute muscle tightness. I’d go see a good therapist and see if he or she can’t work the kinks out.

    I’m not sure ice and ibuprofen will help here. Ice only tends to make muscles tighter, not looser. Ibuprofen’s good for pain and inflammation, but it also doesn’t help you loosen up. Heat feels good on a tight muscle and can help it loosen, but don’t take my word for it – I’m not a doctor.

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