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    My latest issue of Marathon and Beyond arrived yesterday. Interesting interview with Lydiard, followed by one with Snell. I haven’t read any of Lydiard’s books, but it was sad to hear that New Zealand coaches consider his training methods to be outdated. In the 30 years after John Walker graduated high school, none of the 30 NZ high school mile chams have touched what Walker or Snell did a long time ago. Paradoxically, later in the issue there were articles by runners advocating marathons on low mileage.

    Lydiard said he would love to have one of his last projects to be to help the U.S. get back to being a force in the marathon.

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    There was an article in a recent triathlon magazine……I’m pretty sure it was “Triathlete……and they discussed Lydiard’s methods as well.

    Lydiard and Snell obviously did something right, Snell’s New Zealand 800 meter record stood a loooong time, didn’t it? I think he still has it! The article in “Triathlete” mentioned how elites or those looking to become elite are too concerned with speed before they have a sufficient base. Supposedly they aren’t as patient as those in the past.

    It would be pretty cool if people let Snell coach some US athletes.



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    Yes, Snell still has the 800m NZ record…which was set on a grass track!

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    Wouldn’t it be great to see a training group like the Hansons or the Oregon Project with Lydiard at the helm? I don’t know if he could recapture the great success he had with the New Zealand athletes of Snell and Walker’s era but it sure would be interesting to see what he could do with some dedicated athletes.

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