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    Today, in the local Sunday paper ‘Newsday’ (A high-circulation newspaper), in the book review section they had a 1/2 page review of ‘The Perfect Mile’.

    This was unexpected and the review was very positive in tone. The book was recommended to everyone, runner and non-runner alike.

    On the other hand, its too bad that this same paper, in the sports section had a small side column (2 paragraphs, no photos) of the OMT (both the womens and the mens).

    In any newspaper it would be surprising to flip the page and see a 1/4 page picture of Banister as he is crossed the finish.

    The review was so positive that I plan on purchasing the book this week. I probably would have gotten around to it eventually but this added to my motivation.

    In another book related note; I finished ‘Running with the Buffaloes’ this week and was shocked to read about the death of Severy.

    I knew nothing about this until I reached that part of the book which increased its impact on me. I was saddened to the point of tears when I read about it.


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    I read that some time ago and enjoyed it. I’ll have to did it out and go through it again. Reading it reminded me of my time in college running XC and the highs and lows of life. College presented many avenues for a 17 year old hayseed and I made a few bad turns along the way. A return to running XC again actually got me through to finish school.

    The workouts, races, dual meets, parties, invitationals, girls, assistant coaches, the COACH, road trips, eating out, driving the van, talking smack, going out to fast, staying up too late the night before, the sprint finishes, the good races, et cetera were a once in a lifetime experience that I truly miss. When I see people write that they are not going to run because of some relationship, or marathon they want to run, or they don’t feel worthy, I just shake my head. Don’t waste this time. Savor every minute.

    I could tell endless (meaningless) stories, like my buddy Mike and I who wouldn’t let anyone beat us in the half-mile warm-up before stretching. Not that half the team couldn’t crush Mike and I, but it was our little gig as average runners. One day, our top guy (29:xx 10k) decided to let his hair down and play along. It started out as good fun, but after about a 63 opening quarter coach came out of the fieldhouse to see his top guy and two slackers sprinting down the backstretch like it was the Munich 800m final. Coach was steamed, but because Bob was involved we didn’t hear it too bad. Oh yeah, Bob broke our streak with about a 2:05 “warm-up.”

    The book reminds me of how I wish I would have taken the whole thing more seriously than I ever did. You can’t be successful by not running in the summer as I tried one year. My fifth year back I ran about 60-70 miles a week (less than when in HS) and ran pretty well. We got ranked as high as 8th in Division II, but a bad streak of races towards the end cost me my varsity position and I missed the PSAC state meet and the NCAA qualifier.

    I talk with several of these guys to this day.

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