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    After 18 yrs since my last marathon today I finished the Cleveland Marathon with a time of 3:38:18 clock,  3:37:46 chip, 8:18.5 pace, 360 overall, 13 in age group (55-60). I know that it's not great but it was good enough to get me to Boston. Thanks to everyone for all their great advise since last November. It really made a differance.
    Next question is, this week after the race how much running should I do and how soon do I get my milage back up to 45-55 mpw?
    You folks have gotten me this far, so maybe you could give alittle more advise.
    Again, Thank You All.  SKI

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    OUTSTANDING!  Great job!

    As for your questions, try to walk around and maybe jog a little the next couple of days to help your legs loosen up and recover.  As far as getting back into consistent training, everyone is different.  Make sure to give your legs time to fully recover before trying to work too hard.  Also, a lot of people need a little break from training mentally just as much as physically.  Make sure that your enthusiasm produced by your great run doesn't get you trainign again before you're ready.  You've got plenty of time until next April…you dont want to risk burning out mentally half way through your next build up.

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    Good job on accomplishing your goal. JCWrs is right on with the recovery thing. This is really the time to play it by ear. Some people barely miss a beat in their return from a marathon, others don't run a step for a month and only then start to build back up again. It really all comes down to how much recovery you need, which is something you have to find for yourself.

    I think the most important thing JCWrs mentioned was the need for the mental break. Even if you're doing fine physically, if you jump right back into things, how well are you going to do a few months from now after not having a break? You're mentally fired up right now because you accomplished your goal and you're looking forward to your next goal. What happens a few months from now, though, when the excitement of this race wears off and you're back into the “drudgery” of hard training?

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    Awesome job in crushing your qualifier! Must have felt great the last few miles knowing you had it in the bag! I got my BQ last Fall and I certainly learned a lot in the brief time I've spent on this forum. I usually take the entire week OFF after a hard marathon effort. After the FlyingPig I went to work [late] on Monday but didn't sit at my desk once. I kept moving around as much as possible. Surprisingly felt better on Tuesday, even before my massage. I just scoped out the mileage figures I want to hit before I start my 18 week Fall schedule, June 12th. Two weeks ago 3 miles, last week 26. This week 34, the following 44, and the next 50. The following week is week one of the Fall schedule that calls for 53 miles. Those are just estimates and actual numbers will depend more on my recovery than anything else.     

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    Well done on meeting your goal; is this not a PR?
    Listen to your body, let it dictate what happens but you should be able to achieve that level within six weeks, certainly within eight.

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    Thanks for the extra info on after the marathon.  This was a PR and it felt great to have extra in the tank to pick up the pace the last 2 miles. SKI

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