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    244 on 27 days (1 day was a “double”)

    odometer – 24,983

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    214 miles

    PR's in 10 mile and 5k

    Tumor is shrinking after 8 cycles of chemo


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    100.2 miles.

    This was my first 100 mile month since October  ;D

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    24/7, as in 24 runs, averaging 7 miles a run. So 168 miles. Less than I wanted, but happy that I achieved another monthly high, by 2 whole miles.

    7 miles this morning to start April, and so it goes… 

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    85.6 miles running
    36.5 miles biking
    29.6 miles Nordic Track
    9.3 miles xc skiing

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    158 miles,

    including ten days of the worst cold I've had in years… and I'm also starting my taper for Boston, can't look back or make it up now…

    annual mileage to date better than the last three years (usually I just don't do well in winter)…


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    293 miles on 32 runs, 2 days off, with a 29:33 8K on the 18th.

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    Around 300 miles on 31 runs. I stopped logging mid-month so its an estimate.

    Fell twice on icy roads and got pretty busted up. Stopped doing harder workouts because of back pain and jogged the last few weeks. Now I feel mostly healed and think I can still get into race shape for next months marathon.


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    222 mi. for 25 days. 3 runs of 20+ miles. Ski

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    March was a good month of running, 214 miles. I hit all my long runs without much trouble & now it's taper time  for Boston.

    The trails are free of snow & the bike is out, looking forward to more biking in addition to the running.

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    Sounds like a lot of good training being put in. Good job to everyone.

    What's new? No official numbers. I'm guessing in the mid-300s. A shaky start to the month made way to a great finish (200 miles (95, 105) on 18 runs with 0 runs at 7:00 pace or slower for the two weeks ending 4/1). April is starting off where March left off.

    No races, which isn't what I wanted to do but how things worked out partly due to my lack of confidence in my fitness early in the month. I will do at least one race in April. Still debating the South Shore half and have a race for every weekend of the month on the radar. I'll definitely get in one or two this month.

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    350 k – about 219 miles south of the border…


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