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    Most of February was spent shoveling snow…no, that's why I fell behind in household chores. Most of February was spent on trying to figure out the slowness issues. After moving to a new server, I couldn't just turn around and blame the server so I tried to go through everything looking for a solution. As it turns out, the problems were with the server. I worked with the server administrators to get us on another new server and it looks like we have hopefully the final solution. If you notice any problems with the website now, please let me know. Whether you can't access the site or it just seems slow, I'd appreciate a heads up so I can determine what's going on and try to catch and fix problems before they become severe.

    I greatly appreciate everyone who stuck with through the issues we've had over the past months. My appreciation for your loyalty can't be expressed in words. I'm sure we lost some people during these times and I hope most of them will find their way back as they discover that the site is once again stable.

    On other fronts, nothing much happened. I've been working on some things but, unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to finish anything. One change that was made was rolled back when spammers got the best of it in less than a day. It will only return once I have ensured that it is spam resistant. I've also had an article in the works for a while that is nearly ready but I need some proofreaders to go through it before I can release it. Hopefully, this month it will get out but I've been thinking that for two months now so I've learned to not make promises.

    Hopefully, as things stabilize, I can get some of these things accomplished in March. The next two changes you will see, hopefully in March, will be a link submission form that you can use to easily submit a link for me to approve, categorize, and add to the links page and the long awaited article that I need to get proofread.

    The February poll was on the best female runner of 2006. It was a close vote for the top spot but Tirunesh Dibaba edged out Deena Kastor. Meseret Defar and Gete Wami tied for a distant third.

    This month, I'm asking about the hot topic: Rodale buying Running Times. What effect will this have on competitive runners? In early voting, it doesn't look like there is a lot of optimism. We'll see by the end of the month what the final tally is. If you have a thought on this, feel free to visit the Polls section or the homepage to cast your vote.

    This month's tip is about your time settings in the forums. During the server changes, your time settings may have gotten messed up. In order to check your time settings, look toward the top right of any page in the forums just below the right side of the banner. You should see the time the page was loaded. If this does not look like the correct time, in the menu just below the bar the time appears on, click “PROFILE”. Then, on the left side, click “Look and Layout Preferences”. Near the top, you should see a “Time Offset” field. You can usually just click the “(auto detect)” link to change the field as necessary. Then, go to the bottom of the page and click the “Change profile” button. You should now see the correct time displayed and times throughout the forums will be reflected correctly.

    I'm not totally sure of how the forums will handle daylight savings, so you may want to check this again next week.

    Note: The tip only applies to you when registered and signed in. When visiting as a guest, times will be based on the server's time.

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