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    May was a better month for me than was April.  I had 27 runs with a total of 165 miles.  I had a good race that shows me to be about 3 weeks ahead of where I was last year at this time.  I had a great long run of 14 miles at a 7:35 pace that saw me getting drenched in a heavy rain for the last 7 miles. 

    I am looking forward to June with much anticipation.

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    Due to  taper and recovery for a half  I ended up with a year to date low for monthly mileage of 212 if I get 7 in today.    After my half marathon (1:31)  I had an issue with my left quad that took about a week and a half to resolve.  I ended up getting help from the chiro and stretching everyday in the hot tub and it got better in time for me to race my 10 miler.  Weather was really hot race morning and I did not run well (1:12) which was 3 mins slower than last year.  I did decide to dial it back early in the race.  That was a disappointment.   

    I did have some good luck at the race as a good running friend told me about some changes he had made to his running form over the spring.  He advised me to try it out.  IT was just a forward tilt to the hips but it has made a world of difference. It seems to line everything up right in the correct angle.  I noticed that I was able to run my easy days much faster with less effort right away and my quad and foot problems are gone.  It is taking a little bit more time to apply the change to race pace workouts but I think that I am starting to get the hang of it.  I am not yet able to change gears as quickly as before but I am getting better at it with every workout. 

    I am focusing on fast races for summer.  I have Walleye and a 5k in June.  My May half was a nice comeback after injury but I think it is far short of what I think I can do with a better training cycle.

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    216 miles, two tune-up races (5k 17:35, 3 mile, but more of a solo time trial on hilly course, 17:02) show some promise. June will be big race month with two mile races (1st semi time trial), 10K and 5000 m. Hoping for good things as I close out age group.

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    May has been a bummer. I had a decent race at Trolley Run at the end of April, but in the following days, I had problems with my left knee and my right Achilles. I ended up walking part of the way home from work on Tuesday night and on Wednesday, I could not walk without a limp. I took a week off and tried again the following Tuesday and ended up in about the same place on Wednesday. Over the following weekend, I was messing around at home and literally sprinted to the door of our house racing to get to breakfast. I felt no pain or discomfort at all. On Tuesday when I tried running during lunch at work, it only took a few steps to know that it was no good. Remembering that I had been able to sprint over the weekend, I tried doing some strides, but those of course were no good too. Wisely, but frustratingly, I did not push it so I've been able to walk since then. Since that day, I have seen the Rolfer and she worked on it, but I nearly afraid to run.

    The plus side is that we got a lot of work done on our gardens this month and I do feel pretty good about that. Sometimes I think that it is too easy for me to adopt a non-runner lifestyle when I am injured and that makes it harder to get back to running.

    I think that if I can get back on track, I can still have some decent races this fall. We will see.

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    Again, not the month I was looking for but not a bad month.

    258 miles total in 30 runs, tied for my second lowest (or third highest?) monthly total of the year. I did get in some good workouts and a race that proved that, even with these disappointments in training, I'm on the right track. If I get past these little setbacks and get a good uninterrupted block of training in, look out.

    I did get past the hip tightness issue I was dealing with in April. I'm now a big foam roller advocate. It's amazing how quickly things turned around once I started using that foam roller. However, I suffered a stomach bug at a very inopportune time that basically took everything out of me for a few days. I'm bouncing back now, though. Trying my best to be an eternal optimist, I believe this will be my time to put together a good block of training through the summer.

    I'm looking forward to Walleye Run coming up in June, then I have to figure out what the rest of my summer schedule will be. I have an urge to shake things up a bit and at least get out of the rut of doing the same old races every summer. I don't know where this urge will take me or if it will even be strong enough to break the rut but I hope it will result in some kind of change.

    Ed, you're ahead of where you were last year. Just keep it at that and keep progressing. Hopefully, this weekend will make it clear you're ahead.

    Charlene, I think I might know what you're talking about with the form change but I'd love to hear more about it up at Walleye Run.

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    I too have heard of a very slight forward learn and I think I do run that way.  I'll see if I feel that when I am running on Saturday and if not I'll try it out.

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    Ed, I'll send you some comments on it before you try it and, if I can make it to the race, we can discuss some more. Do it right and it can help. Do it wrong and it can really mess you up.

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    If it weren't for Green Bay getting canceled then it would have been a good month.  A couple weeks of taper, a solid 19+ miler during the marathon, a couple days off after & now I'm back to my regular schedule of 40+ miles a week until I figure out what I'm going to do.  206 miles for May.

    I can't help but feel I have unfinished business to take care of but finding marathons in this area is pretty tough this time of year. I plan to continue with my training & look for a Sept. race.

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    There's a marathon in West Bend on the 10th. 😉

    Seriously Anne, I'm so sorry that you got caught up in the Green Bay mess. Hopefully, you can come back in the fall and get that performance you were ready for in Green Bay.

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    Recovering from tendonitis at the moment but a change of trainers and a spreading of resistance training as well as a slow build up meant I clocked 67 miles – much more than I was expecting this month.

    Keep up the good work everyone

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    Absolutely forgettable. 132 miles. The only good news is that I appear to be reboudning from the funk I've been in for the last 8 weeks. Oddly, my run today felt like I hadn't missed a beat,  and all these weeks were just a bad dream. 

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