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    Days run: 28
    Days off: 3
    Runs: 28
    High week: 58
    Low week: 50
    Miles in May: 235
    Miles in 2007: 936 (43 mpw average)

    This was by far the highest mileage month of the year for me. I had 10 runs of 9 miles or better, and everything came together, so I like where I'm at approaching the starting line for my 18 week marathon training program. Compared to 2005, I'm ahead on mileage and on overall fitness. Now we'll see how the next four months goes.

    For June, I'll be looking to increase the mileage just a little bit, as I commence SOS (something of substance) workouts next week in my training for Twin Cities. I'll actually be doing some doubles in June, more b/c of a commitment to help out w/ a community running program that meets in the evenings. Should be fun to see how it affects my overall mileage. No racing in June planned, but if my daughter runs any races with her running group, I'll probably tag along.

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    I'll write the post you can all read and be glad you're not in this situation…

    May miles = 12

    massages = 4
    acupuncture sessions = 3
    cross training = 6 times in the pool, 5 times on the bike

    but the improvement in in plantar fascia and peroneals, hamstrings & other important muscle groups has me relatively happy and healthy… and looking forward to a VERY slow build up after the debacle that was Boston and it's aftermath…


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    Rita, here's hoping that June turns out to be far better than May.

    As for me, I once again don't have exact numbers but I believe I'm again at least in the mid-300s with more 2 a days than days off and no run of less than 9 miles. Unfortunately, no May races that fit my schedule interested me.

    As for June, I returned from vacation last week to find a message on my answering machine from this guy named Jim Kirschbaum. It turns out he's on a Great Midwest Relay (June 8-9) team that's planning on being in the hunt to win but is down a man. Can I join? Well, with less than two weeks to go and other plans for the weekend, why not? I'm a sucker for team events and I hate to leave any team hanging. So I'm going to be joining 8 other guys to cover 190 miles, give or take a few, from Madison, through Milwaukee to Chicago. It looks like I'll be covering about 23 miles, through Madison in late afternoon/early evening, from Sullivan to Dousman some time after dark, from Franklin to South Milwaukee some time in the middle of the night or very early morning, and through Kenosha some time in the morning. I'd like to do another race in June but I'll have to see what this one does to me first.

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    Oh we definitely need a report on the relay Ryan! Have fun!!

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    Hopefully, the report won't include the words “I got lost” or “I took a wrong turn” anywhere in it. My leg through Madison is going to be a real test of my navigation abilities. It's going to be an interesting experience. I'll also possibly bring my small camera and have some pics to share.

    By the way, meant to mention this before. Good job in May, that's some nice consistency.

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    Good luck Ryan.

    I ran over 260 miles this month.  Easily a new high as my previous high was 230.  Last month I ran 190 and in March I ran 100.  My highest week this month was 69 miles.  I took two days off in the middle of the month when I was tired and not used to the higher mileage.  I am feeling much better now.  I really helps when I have a goal race. 

    Also this month, I started spending about 10 min on an elliptical trainer and stretching as a warm up before my morning runs.  I feel my runs are better with this warm up.  I think that I am getting too old to just run out the door.


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    49 miles running
    90 miles road biking
    96 miles mountain biking
    8 miles nordic track

    I'm registered for four marathon mountain bike races this summer and fall, and the first is this Sunday. Don't think I'm ready to “race,” but I'm definately ready to have fun on fat tires.

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    268 miles on 26 days of running – no doubles.  The month included a 1:21:49 half marathon and a 17:52 5K – my fastest times for those distances in 11 years.  Grandma's is 2 weeks from tomorrow!

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    Mark, that's a solid buildup. Whatever you decide on, it sounds like you'll have a good start on the base training.

    Zeke, it sounds like you're ready for something special. Fastest times in 11 years? Impressive. Here's hoping Grandma's gives you conditions favorable for a fast marathon.

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    31 runs/185 miles

    After a scheduling conflict forced me out of the Long Island marathon I decided to switch focus to shorter races for a few months. I was tapering and working on speed leading to the marathon anyway so this month I up'ed the intensity (and kept the mileage down) to prepare for several 5 and 10k's in June, July and Aug.


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    I can't believe May is over already!

    Running: 204 miles
    Biking: Many, many miles.  I'll have to start keeping track of how far I'm riding, I know this week it will be around 100 miles but that includes a 40 mile ride at Elroy Sparta.

    May was a good month for me, running is going well. Set a new PR at Green Bay with a 1:40:20 in the half, almost 2 minutes faster then last year.  What I was happiest with was that I hit my goal pace of 7:40's & I felt really good throughout. The half will continue to be my focus in the fall.

    Over the summer I'll focus on the shorter distance & try to race a couple times each month. 

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    Anne, good job in Green Bay. Sounds like sub-1:40 is right around the corner for you.

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    I guess I'm in the same boat as Rita.  I had less than 20 miles in May on maybe 4 runs.  The tendonitis in my ankle is just not healing and my job does not help at all.  It is very slowly starting to feel better, but every time I run, the swelling and irritation return.  Very frustrating.  However, I am not throwing in the towel.  I need to be smarter about build up, stretching, weight training, shoe management, etc.  I have a friend moving to Portland this year and he has expressed a lot of interest in running their marathon in October.  Maybe I'll shoot for that as a warm up and then run the CIM again in December.  We'll see, I've got a long ways to go before I can seriously consider that an option.  Good totals from most so far, Keep it up!

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    120 for me, probably with more days off than on.  Im struggling with motivation after my half-marathon at the end of April.  I put together a decent 5 mile race last weekend and this week I think Ive turned the corner, just pushing myself out the door to get the miles in.  Im setting my sights on a hilly 10k in Sept as a goal to get me focused again.  912 miles this year.


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    125 miles on 20 days of running.

    i took most of the early part of May off from running to recover from my Boston 26.2/Racine 30K double.  i'm still stunned at the damage i did to myself – physically and mentally.  it's getting easier to get out the door at 5AM for my morning constitutional, but for awhile there i didn't feel like running a step.

    i'll be doing a 10M race in mid-June that has a team element to it.  top 4 score with the cumulative time of the scoring runners determining the team placement.  my company's team is the defending champs. i should be the #2 on the team this year.  (i wasn't on the team last year as i didn't work here back then.)

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    318 miles for me, took 3 days off, trying to just put in miles, been averaging about 60 miles per week, until May, which I bumped into the 70s, and plan on averaging 80s in June/July, we shall see. Take care all,


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    Fairly consistent weeks this month with a peak of 60 miles. I'm on schedule to break my mileage P.R. set last year, by 500.

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