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    Well, May was an interesting month for me.  I started off feeling pretty strong and somewhere in the mix of the longest and probably hardest training I've ever done I got tired….go figure.  Looking back at my running log the first half of the month I have a lot of “felt strong” listed after my runs and at the end I have “tired” and “killed myself” listed a couple times!  It was tough.  I set a new monthly record again of 301 miles and a new long run record of 22 miles.  Those were backed up with 3 what I would consider KILLER workouts.  The first was 6 x 1000 intervals with only 90 secs rest while the second was 6 x 1200 with 2 min rests.  The third workout earned the “killed myself” badge.  It was my 14 mile M pace run.  I attemped to run this too fast and unfortunately it followed the 1000 interval session, 15 mile and 12 mile days, and was only 2 days before my 6 x 1200 session (the schedule spread this out through 3 weeks, but I needed to swap weeks and do it all in 2 weeks!).  It was a tough tough stretch.  I am confident the M pace run was as difficult as the actuall marathon will be.  I know I am in the best LOOOONG distance shape of my life by far.  Now I need to get recovered and enjoy the reward of training hard.

    So my weeks were as follows (straight out of Pfitz + 5 miles the first week):
    301 total for the month

    The last 3 days have started my taper.  Only 56 miles this week and I believe 46 next week.  What to do with all that spare time!!??

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    Nice mileage Chris.

    Nowhere near those numbers, 210 miles for me.  Running went well in May, ran my first trail run and raced my first 1/2 marathon. Green Bay was good for my mental frame of mind going into Grandma's.

    It's taper time for me too but I'll have plenty of things to keep me busy with the school year winding down.

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    Yikes, Chris. You're scary but impressive.

    Then the pendulum swings to me: 164.5 miles for May with weeks of 43.5, 36.8, 31.45, 38.75 and 14 so far this week. Oh yeah, and add the 50.75 miles of biking (MTB and road) I did as cross training.

    I'm down a bit from April but ahead of the Pfitz 18/55 plan just two weeks into it.

    Got a few (too many, probably) races in in May as well. The weekend of May 6-7, I ran an 18:31 5K (while pushing my son in the baby jogger); a 6M trail race in 43:04 and a 9M MTB race in 1:02:06. Then May 20, the aforementioned Syttende Mai at which I didn't hit goal pace but still but myself on track for a 3:15 marathon (which would be a 4-minute PR AND a BQ time).

    This coming weekend I may OD on races again. I may run Saturday's 25.5K option at the Blue Mound Trail Run as my LSD for the week. Then we'll see how I feel for the next days 10K Trail Run and 10M Citizen MTB race at Wausau's Nine Mile Forest. One of these races may be dropped, especially as I recall the previous three-race weekend left me pretty drained for the week that followed.

    But overall I've felt quite capable of handling what's above average mileage for me. I'm seeing results, however modest.

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    I hope to see you at 9 mile Joel.

    I told my daughters I was running there on Sunday, they both got the same  look on their faces “Have fun Mom”.  It wasn't their favorite x-country course.

    It couldn't be any hillier then Iola could it?

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    Chris, given all the factors, you're doing fine. It's supposed to be tough right before the taper starts, that's when you're the most tired after a long period of hard training. The schedule shuffle made it even more difficult, as did overdoing things once or twice. Once the taper is over, you're going to be ready for something special.

    As for me, I'm still working on getting back on the horse. I haven't added up the numbers yet but I'm sure I was on the right side of 200 miles but still on the wrong side of 300. Hopefully, I get on the right side of 300 in June, then go on from there.

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    Anne, I've only skied Nine Mile and don't recall the 18K ski loop was very hilly. I have neither biked nor run there, so I have no idea what the singletrack has in store for us. The run route will probably follow one of the bike courses pretty closely. A map can be had at

    There's a long string on the WORS messageboard about there being more or less ski trail than singletrack on the MTB courses this year. A lot of it is contradictory,  however, and hard to translate for the running set.

    But Cassie Gran, the trail run series director, posted this on the messageboard at “This course is extremely runner friendly for runners of every skill level. Whether your (sic) out to enjoy some great trail with good friends or want to push for a personal best this course works.”

    If that's true, it can't be too hilly, can it?

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    Ryan (and others this pertains to),  is it hard for you to maintain your motivation to run the miles you do each month without having a race you're working towards? 

    I suppose I'm too much the carrot at the end of the stick type personality but without my sights set on a something, my motivation lags. 
    What goals do you set for yourself to get out the door or is it such a part of your lifestyle you don't need goals?

    I found the base building/maintaining phase of running to be the most challenging for me.

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    Somewhat disappointing month, with only 102 miles run. I couldn't get anything over 6-7 miles, and took a week off due to increasing foot pain, which seems to have subsided.

    Today started the new month off well, with a nice 8.5 mile run that left me feeling good about my overall fitness. June will be a bit of a challenge, as we'll be in Mexico for a week and the heat and resort location will make any significant mileage tricky (you're getting the violins out as we speak :P)

    But both kids want to run to stay in/get in shape for fall sports, and plan on running, so I imagine I'll be doing a few workouts with them. As long as the miles add up, it's all good!

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    I ran a marathon on May 7th and only easy, recovery, runs the balance of the month.

    31 runs (including the race); total of 140 miles.

    It was nice to get a break from higher mileage. In June I'll continue building weekly mileage with mostly easy runs (maybe run a 5k too); reaching my new weekly base level by July.

    A funny thing happened in May. I've overcome my 'need' to time every run. I voted in the site poll that I time 'Almost Every Run'. Since the Marathon I haven't worn a watch even once.

    It feels liberating running without the damm watch; especially while in the recovery/building phase. I have no incentive to run too hard or fast; I run whatever pace feels comfortable that day.

    Except when running when away from home (where I won't know the mileage of the route) I plan to run without a watch for at least a few more months. During the base phase, and especially during the hot summer when I slow compared to winter, it makes no sense to focus too much on my pace.


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    Anne, the motivation comes and goes. As I stated, I'm just getting back on the horse. I actually did have a goal race in mind (Green Bay) early this year and that couldn't even keep my motivation. I'm getting back on the horse now with the help of a carrot, that being an interest in whether I can get myself into good enough shape to break 26 in the 8k on what I would classify as relatively short notice. If I don't do it this fall, I may consider stretching the effort out to the spring.

    At least for me, with or without the carrot, the motivation ebbs and flows. Sometimes, I don't even need a goal to just want to run a ton. Sometimes, even with the goal, I just don't feel like going through the effort it takes to train the way I expect of myself. While my overall consistency is pretty good, I do find it difficult to keep meticulous consistency. I always seem to have some point where I just need the mental downtime.

    Randy, running without a watch really can be liberating, can't it? It can be very difficult to do at first but, once you try it, it really is a great feeling. For me, it turns a run into what a run should be, just enjoying the act of running. I don't usually even think about my time when I'm running with a watch. I just hit start when I start running and stop when I'm finished. I don't think about hitting splits or trying to maintain some pace, I just run. However, I still do get a different feeling when I'm out there without the watch. With the watch, I'm training, even if I'm not paying attention to the watch. Without the watch, I'm just running, even if I have a race coming up.

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    i ended up the month of May at 131 miles. better than April but still quite a bit below the ideal. for the year, i'm up to 696 miles. for June, my goal is to get in some more long runs and cover 200 miles for the month.

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    best month ever… 238.5 miles,

    one 10k where I lost focus in mile 3 at a messy water stop that I would have by-passed but the pollen was starting to clog my throat, didn't get the rhythm back till the last mile…

    weeks were
    60 (highest ever)
    49.5 (migraine at the end of the week)
    24 (last three days of the month)

    now with the heat I'm not sure where to fit my run in till school is over for my kids… life is too complicated…

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    A good month for me.  After 217 in March and 163 in April, I ran 214 this month on 28 days (runs).  Since I took off the 2nd and 3rd with slight knee pain, I ran 27 of the last 28 days.  I am doing a lot of speed work and hills, as the next goal race is the Capital Mile (July 23).  I have four warm up track meets in June and July to get my pace dialed in. 


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    302 miles
    27 Running Days, including six doubles

    -No races, but two running highlights.
    -First 300-mile month
    -First 80 mile week, which I reached three times in May.


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    May was a good month for me.  I got in more miles than April so I'm headed in the right direction.  204 miles in May versus 188 in April.  

    I did the Bannister Mile earlier in the month in 5:26 or so.  A slow time for me but it was the first fast running I've done in awhile and it made the other paces seem alot easier.  I may jump in some other mile races just to see how much I can improve on that with a high end goal of breaking 5.

    Even though I didn't run alot more miles than I did in April I felt I needed to ease up and not add too many miles too fast.  April had been a big jump up from March so I thought a smaller jump was needed in May.  Plus, I just felt like running alot of easy miles and social miles with a group I've been running with in Lapham Peak.  It's nice to run with a group and this group is a bunch of ultra runners who had encouraged me to do the Ice Age 50K even though 'they' said I wasn't in good enough shape to do it.  I took it real easy for the first 13 miles, walking lots of the uphills and I didn't have any problems til the last 4 miles when I had some abdominal cramping which was probably due to some poor diet choices in the days leading up to the run.  I finished in 4:58, a PR for that distance for me.  I was out there for the fun of it and not so much for the time but when I knew that breaking 5 was within reach I went for it.  If I can't break 5 in the mile at least I can break 5 in the 50K  ;D.  I had alot of fun in that 50K and even though 'they' said I shouldn't do it because I wasn't in good enough shape I did it anyways.  It's a nice course, with a 13 mile out and back and then two blue loops of the Nordic trail in the Kettle Morraine South.

    I'll be pacing a 100 mile Kettle runner for 19 miles at night from 81-100 early this Sunday Morning.  I'm sure it will be alot like a night hike, but that's ok.  Their goal is just to finish so I'm just looking at it as a new experience.

    I may race Superun 5K later this month as a tempo run.  I like running tempo runs as part of races, it makes the workout alot easier and more interesting.  Maybe jump into a mile race at a track meet if I feel like it.  Mainly just bump up the miles a little more and maybe do a tempo run or track workout if I feel like it.   Play it by ear, no serious training plan at this point.

    Goal races right now look like Tosafest 5K and Al's Run 8K.  I'm toying with the idea of doing Lakefront but haven't made a firm commitment yet.

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    136 for me, lowest month all year.  But I was in Japan for two weeks and only managed to run 4 times.  Too much other stuff to do, plus I had a respiratory infection.  I did manage to run a decent 5 mile race a few days after I got back, 30:22.  I think if my training was on track for the two weeks I was away I would have cracked 30, but I didnt.  Im back in the saddle now though, jetlag is gone, as is the infection, so Im looking to break 30 at a 5 miler in early July!

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    This is my first post, so I'll take a second to introduce myself first.

    I think you can figure out where I'm from.  I've been running a little over 5 years, started when I was 23 and am now 28.  Ran my first marathon after 2 years of running in 3:26:12 and ran my last marathon in 12/05 in 2:52:56.  My progression has been 3:26:12, 3:12:28, 3:03:26, 2:52:56.  Roughly 34 minutes off my initial marathon in only 30 months.  I run other races, though I enjoy the marathon most and seem to do best at it.  Other PR's: 5k = 18:02, 10k = 38:17, 1/2 = 1:21:25.

    I was attracted here because like Ryan, I'm in the Lydiard camp.  Right now I'm in the conditioning phase trying to get as many miles in as possible.  I'm planning on a late fall marathon and right now it seems like I can get under 2:45 though that remains to be seen.

    In May I ran a total of 403.1 miles with weeks of: 102.9, 100.4, 101.6, 59.9 (planned easy week, I was tired).  I've had a mental issue going over 105 miles and I really want to get up to 115 to 120 during this conditioning.  Maybe June will be the month where I get a month over 105, I don't know.

    Thanks for reading, it seems good here.

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    Amazing mileage! 


    Do you have a marathon picked out for the next challenge?


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    Anne, you know who I am from the RW forums, though I don't post there anymore. 

    I am planning on doing CIM for the 3rd year in a row.  I like that race and its on 12/3.

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    Then a bigger welcome, I thought it was you.  You'll be a good addition, I've missed your insight at RW.

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    sfrunnerdude, certain numbers do seem to be big obstacles. Whether they just work out to be where our current physiological limits are or they are some psychological limit (105 miles works out to a nice even 15 miles a day which can seem a daunting barrier until you go through it), they do seem to be real. Once you go through them, though, you can make a big jump. Keep at it. Your consistency will take you a long way even if it takes you a while to get past that 105 mile barrier.

    Oh, and welcome to the site.

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    Ryan, you're definitely right about the numbers and the consistency.  I've been able to keep the mileage up all year, 22 weeks so far, where at the least during non-recovery weeks I'm at 85 minimum.  I've never been this high and I've never felt stronger with my running.  The speed isn't there yet, but the stamina certainly is and I'm eager to see what happens when I start to add in high quality in August.

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    sfrunnerdude, I also just signed on today (and Ryan is probably pulling his hair out and lamenting the downgrading of the neighborhood). Did you run CIM last Dec? You may have passed me or been just ahead–I was on 2:51-52 pace through 19 and then just blew up. It was 'orrible, and I was the 1st non-sub 3 finisher.

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