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    from “another BB” where I admit I lurk was a good ranting post by many about media coverage ( one guy wrote ‘what media coverage’)…

    I emailed the guy (professor)who was asking the original question… two points…

    1. he stated that local sports writers have little knowledge of marathoning but I countered that they probably had little knowledge of MANY sports, but with an encyclopedia & ‘google’ they could find out… just LAZY…

    2. another person slammed a fictional “fat, divorced, woman, holding down a job & raising the kids while trying to run” (not his exact words) as a human interest story… HEY that fat woman could have been me four years ago and I’d much rather hear about the FAST runners and what they do to get that way…

    I did like the comment about ‘the BB that will have coverage’…

    what’s sad is that some sports journalists (I’ve known a few in different cities) are fat, old wannabees who thought they would have been great if they only were ‘discovered’ by the right coach…


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    I think some comments on that other place were great, especially one specifically that mentioned a few points I was actually thinking of much more articulately than I could have.

    The point was in response to a comment that the “fat guy managing to run a marathon” makes for a better story than a 135 pound athlete running the same distance given the fact that the average reader doesn’t know squat about what it takes to run a marathon. My first thought when reading that was that the average reader doesn’t know squat about what it takes to make it to the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, or for that matter the NCAA. That doesn’t keep sports journalists from covering those athletes so they can cover beer league softball and 3 on 3 basketball players that the average reader can associate with. This point that I was actually ready to make was articulated by another much better than I could have done so before I had a chance to reply.

    Bottom line, unfortunately, the people I know at least have come to expect poor coverage of the competitive aspect of running in favor of human interest stories. I personally know I am pleasantly surprised when I see any real coverage of competitive running/T&F. As was mentioned in that well written post, it simply boils down to lazy journalism. Writers don’t look for the stories of the elites and how hard they have worked to get where they are. This results in readers never getting a chance to see the competitive side of running and never understanding how hard it is to be a competitive runner. How many times have I heard “I could win X race if I wanted to” when X race is won by elite or sub-elite runners. I recently had a forum/e-mail exchange with someone who is new to running but wants to win a 4.4 mile race this fall which was won last year in 22 minutes. If it were that simple, we all would be running that fast and this 4.4 mile race would be won in 16 minutes.

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