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    If we are unable to do our own game then what team name and password should I use to get on a team at ❓

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    Sorry, I meant to get the information for how to join the team up quite some time ago.

    To join the team…

    First sign up for a (free) account at

    Once logged in, there’s a my teams menu near the top of the screen. Under that, look for join a team.

    The team name is and the password is Wisconsin (not sure about the case or if this is case sensitive).

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    Ed 1

    Thanks for the info.

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    Ok I signed up at, then found Ryan’s message indicating it should be Now I’ve got two on-line logs I may never use.

    So, what’s the deal with the team thing? Any hazing rituals or minimum mileage prerequisites?

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    You must have run at least 70 miles in a single week. You must have run a marathon in under 3:00. You must believe in establishing a base before doing intense speed workouts. You must believe that walking breaks will not make you faster.

    Oh, and you must realize that I’m kidding. 😉

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