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    Is there a mileage game here in this forum – if not I would like to help start one 😀 I think that it would be great to get our own going so that I could leave Rodale entirely (I am currently on the waiver list there). 😥 Let’s get one going if it already does not exist. ❗

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    There is not a mileage game here. However, some of us have been posting at (I’m not sure of the address, it’s on my home machine and I’m at work now). It’s entertaining to see how our training is going compared to others. Unfortunately, some people only like to post their miles when they are running 90+ mile weeks. 😛 (Ryan, this is a direct shot at you! 😈 )

    I’ve been in the mileage game over at Runner’s World and it was fun for awhile but then it became a bit of a drag. I like the log at because it’s fast and it’s got a history. Ryan, perhaps you can setup a place on this site for instructions and refer the poster to those instructions?

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    What in the name of Ambrose is a mileage game? Is it anything like the reward for how training at the right mileage will yield best performances? 😀

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    A mileage game is where we would make up a number of teams with a number of runners so that the teams are about equal in skill/distance and then post our weekly/daily mileage totals and the team with the most miles gets all the bragging rights in the world. 8)

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