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    So my training for Boston was going extremely well. I was getting all the planned miles in, the paces were great and I was feeling good. Then I went to Brazil for a week. I had big plans to get as much of the planned training in as possible…….it didn’t go as planned.

    I didn’t get any Z’s on the overnight flight to Sao Paulo and arrived with major sleep debt. We went straight to work from the airport in the morning and after a long day and late dinner, didn’t get to the hotel until late. I decided I couldn’t afford to lose another hour of sleep to get up early the next day and run. The rest of the week was no better. I was able to get a 7.5 mile interval run in on Saturday, but that was the only run the entire week.

    I got home on last Wednesday, but still didn’t get in any runs until Saturday. I have been back on schedule this week, but it has been a struggle mentally. I missed a total of nine planned runs and 90 miles over the last two weeks. My legs were more sore than usual after my long run on Sunday, but I don’t think I have lost too much fitness. I think it will come back quickly. My bigger struggle the last few days has just been motivation. I am hopeful the coming warm weather will help and I only have a week and a half until taper.

    I’m done venting….thanks for listening.


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    This is a major race, no? Does that not motivate you?

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    don’t forget that with long flights to RE-hydrate… lots of muscle soreness can be traced to dehydration, just not getting enough water while flying… it takes a bit to get it back…

    ‘cmon… you know you CAN do it, you know you WANT to get back in the swing… as Nike says “just do it”


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    Swamp, get back in the game. Recommit and salvage what you can. Think about all the hard work you’ve put in. Do you want that to go to waste. Think about what you can do between now to advance your fitness. What is your training missing? Do you need more longs? How about tempo work? How about practice holding marathon pace? Focus your work on advancing your fitness over the next couple weeks, then it’s taper time. You may also want to consider cutting your taper. Look at your log to see what’s worked in the past and just go animal. You’ll be glad when you look back.

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    Thanks for the pep talks….I read them right before going out for 13 Friday afternoon. I kept repeating to myself “Get back in the game!!!” I got in all the planned training this week. My legs are still sore, and they don’t have all the bounce back in them but I think I’m back. Tomorrow is a scheduled off day, then I’ll stick to the plant the rest of the week. It matches the peak weekly mileage. Then I’ll look at reducing taper the following week. Perhaps adding an interval or tempo workout.

    Rita…. I think I drank enough “aqua sem gas” while I was in Brazil that I could have floated back home.

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