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    Ok now – I am still resting from Saturday’s saint and I am trying to get into the pattern for the Pfitz’s training schedule that I need to start in a couple of weeks. So I am not running until Tuesday’s Test. However, I would like to know what others are up to this fine day. Chime in any one!

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    65 minutes or so. After 14 days in a row, I needed an off day yesterday. Kudos to all the IAT runners. Rest up and recover well!

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    all I’ve done today (so far) is ride the recumbrant bike in the gym for 50 minutes… today was supposed to be a ‘day off’ since I raced yesterday…

    I would have posted this a a minor triumph of sorts, cut a minute off my best time for a 10K but after reading the IA race reports I feel wimpy… on the other hand the whole idea for yesterday was to run WITH my 16 year old son… my pace is so much slower than his that his coach didn’t excuse him from his regular Saturday practice, she considered the pace I would run to be a nice jog for him.. and it was, he chattered the whole way…

    it was a “Mothers’ Day 10K” and we delighted in seeing how many moms were out there with there kids (not as many as I would have thought, probably would have been more if the distance would have been 5K)… and he talked to several of the good looking young women (he’s not bad looking himself but obviously in the 19 & under age group) and developed a great line by saying he was there “to help his mom PR” two of them came up to us after the race to ask how I did… of course they asked HIM…

    so I am basking in a fun time and the only soreness I have is from the gardening I did on Saturday, but luckily those are different muscles than the ones that are important for running… track work out tomorrow…


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    Ran today after a nine day beak after track season. I thought it would be easy to take the time off becuase a hadn’t really taken a break since the begining of august and me legs have been trashed since about janurary but i was wrong. After about three days off it was hard to not go out and run. I was very happy to get out there and run again. It was only about 35 minutes but it was good to get a break from studying for finals.

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    Hill repeats scheduled today, sandwiched between a 2-mile warm-up and a 1-mile cool-down. Gotta love those hills!!

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    Monday was a very much needed rest day. Part of a cutback week. I’m feeling much better already.

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