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    I was kinda worn down yesterday, had a kid home with a fever, my mom is in the hospital, work project wasn’t working (is now)… had diet coke and took a nap (WTF?) instead of doing my speed work…

    so I have to do that today and push the long run till Sunday, not terrible… but I am still a bit ‘flat’… so I tried a sure-fire motivator… I ordered running gear… that is, I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m going to carry my GU, used to use the water bottle holder that has packet… instead I order a pair of Race-Ready shorts… I won’t get them for 3-5 business days but I can fondly contemplate them till then…

    I can just hear my husband saying “most women would get that excited over dress clothes”… can’t help it, this means lots more to me than cutting a dash at the office…now if only they make me run faster…


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    With all that you’ve had to deal with this week I can understand why you’d be feeling less motivated then usual. Dealing with sick family members can takes it’s toll on you.

    I’ve had to look for motivation in all different places at times, whether it’s a new pair of socks, a new route or a different workout-sometimes you need it to get you out the door.

    People I know who wear the race ready shorts really like them, you never know, maybe they will make you run faster 🙂

    Stay healthy, don’t get the crud and happy running.

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    After a few marathons of pinning my gels to the inside of my shorts or between my shorts and bib number – even dropping a gel during a marathon and stopping to pick it up – I broke down and bought some Race Ready shorts. I haven’t had any problems with them – and haven’t dropped a gel since.

    Your post also made me think of a quote from a top local x-c skier. He said spending $50 on “regular” clothes would kill him however, he doesn’t bat an eye when spending $200 on ski equipment. Gotta have your priorities.

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