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    Well the under three still eludes me!

    I ran with the three hour pacers. They were great, apparently the lead pacer named Chuck ran 2:48 yesterday in Indianapolis.
    I was just humming along at 6:50ish. Right through 20.
    Not sure if I hit the wall, well I did I guess. But I just began the shuffle. I tried all the mind games I knew.
    Three quick steps, reminding myself of all those hard workouts etc etc. Just couldn't lift the legs.
    I have to say I was cold the last 4 miles. We did turn into the wind.
    All and all I am happy. I like it warmer, as i get older for some reason.
    The course was great, tons of people. it went by very fast, well except those last few miles.
    So another 3:03:45.

    Rachel Earney Rich from Buffalo City ran 2:49. Her little sister ran 2:58, I think it was her 2nd marathon.

    Now it's back to the drawing board to try to figure out how to get out of this 3:03 plateau!


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    Karen, congratulations on an incredible effort.  I was just checking the results & saw your time, to me it's just amazing. You are such a talented runner & I have no doubt that you'll hit that sub 3.

    What were the weather conditions?  Ryan made a reference to it but all the race site said was cloudy & 43 degrees.

    Hope your body is feeling o.k. & recovery goes well.

    3:03, WOW!!!!!!

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    Well at least you are happy.  🙂  What has been on the drawing board?

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    another congratulations!!!  I know it's not exactly what you wanted, but it sounds like you held strong the entire distance, so I have to believe that wind was the ultimate factor here.  Plateaus are the sucketh  >:(

    looks like you had Chuck Engle as a pacer, that was probably his 45th sub3 marathon this year  😮

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    Karen, a 3:03 in the conditions I understand you had today is a heck of an effort. You should know you have that sub-3 in you now, the only issue is finding the race that will let you run it.

    Anne, I won't speak for what the weather was in Chicago this morning because I wasn't there and Karen can give a first hand review of exactly what was going on there. However, not all that far north, I went out for a run pretty much exactly at the time the gun would have gone off. There were a few snow flakes in the air as I started and the wind out of the west/northwest was strong enough to stretch even the big flag in the park out tight. The forecast for that was basically what I was referencing earlier. Cold and windy with a chance of rain or snow around here didn't make me all that positive about the potential for Chicago.

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    Nice run–3:03 is a very solid time. You'll get your sub 3 in due time on the right day!

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    Congrats! 3:03 is a great time, all the reports I've read talk about the serious wind issue… I'm with the others in letting you  know that given better weather you'll have that sub-3 in your pocket…

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    Dang it Karen, it looks like we were very close at 10K and 15K.  I believe you were 2 seconds ahead at 10K and 5 seconds behind at 15K.  I can't believe I didn't see you.

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    Well geez Zeke I am sure we were in the same pack for some time!
    I was pretty well dressed. I had on a Indianhead Track Club hat with a headband. My closest training partner could not find me!
    They missed me because they could not find my hair. VERY short.

    Okay I am doing Chicago next year and running with you!
    Did you pace with that Chuck and the 3:00 group. He was a great pacer. Wish I could have finished with him.

    I am still mullng my race over. I think after I un-pack, catch up with work and get over my race director duties for this weekend's 10 miler I will throw out to you guys what I did and maybe get some feedback.

    One thing I wonder, well many things I wonder, is if I did't drink enough Gatorade the day before. I drank lots of water, but for some reason not as much of Gatorade. Oh well it's a combination of things to be sure.

    Congrats on breaking three hours. I am jealous!

    I was very impressed with how well the race was run, barely a line for the bathrooms, easy gear drop, easy to get to the start. I was overwhelmed for quite a while running with so many people.


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    Did you pace with that Chuck and the 3:00 group. He was a great pacer. Wish I could have finished with him.

    No I just ran my own race.  I heard those guys talking about Chuck, but never really saw who he was.  I was kind of in my own world.  It looks like I finished 4 seconds behind him on the clock.

    I only drank about 20 oz of Gatorade the day before.

    I was impressed with the organization too – although I did have problems with the gear drop, but it was probably my fault.

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    Karen, Sorry I'm late with the congrat's. I know your sub three is right around the corner. Great job. Ski

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    I enjoyed your race report.  You and I are running pretty similar times, I think I might give Chicago a try next year, maybe we can pay Ryan, Zeke and a few others to pace us for a sub 3 attempt ;D

    Good luck in your training.


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    Karen – Great effort.  One of these days we'll all get in the “sub3” club!  ;D

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