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    Thanks for all the sound advice!!!

    It was very cold this morning, car said is was 16 on the way to the race.  It was very close to home, about 6 miles.  The course was VERY hilly.  When speaking the announcer asked if anyone had made a personal best, very few had done so.  Only first timers.  One of the Cherokee County Sheriff's ran the race in Full uniform!  Gun and all. He ran it in 24:20 as well, I was pretty impressed. He told me he ran 22:45 on his previous run, of course with out uniform on a different course.

    I Started towards the back, I'm bad with numbers, but I would guess 200 or runners.  It was a loop run through a golf course community.  First half mile was down hill, then up and down, up and down the rest of the way.  I guess thats what they meant by “rolling hills” in the course description, LOL.  I slowly passed a fair number of runners, and passed back and forth with two others.  My wife and I really enjoyed, she almost ran the whole thing and posted a 32:30 time.  Not bad for six weeks removed from a having a child.  After the final hill I could see the finish, and still a little in the tank to finish strong.  I finished just ahead of the 2 people I had been battling the second half of the race!  I finished in 26:03 and 19th place!!

    Me and my Wife really enjoyed it, and are already planning on another 5k and a 10k in Jan.

    Thanks again for all the advice!!!

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    good job in your first race, keep on training and you will see big results, next time you can locate yourself close the front ( in the starting line), congrats.

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    Good run. Congratulations to both you and your wife. Next time, both of you will be ready to set PRs with this experience behind you.

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    Great job on your strong finish in your first race. Keep up the good work. Ski

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    Excellent job – your patience has paid off.  Keep running and lock away the memory of how you ran your race (knowing when to hold and when to go)  that was perfect. 

    Don't make the mistake that I tend to make which is get overexcited and try to do too much and end up losing out on a steady progress.

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    Thanks guys!  I'm hoping to do a 10k in maybe late January or Feb.  Is this pushing it?  I have done 4 or 5  six mile runs. But that is the longest I have done.  Most of my runs are now are usually 5 miles or so.

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    Depends what you're looking for out of that 10K. You're obviously ready for the distance, as it's basically a 6 miler. You could use some more time to really be ready to push it for that distance but there's no question in my opinion that you're ready to cover the distance.

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    I agree with Ryan –

    If you are looking to finish it – then you are very ready to do that.

    If you are looking for a pace at or better than your recent 5K – then give it several more months of good solid base training geting in a longer run one day per week. 

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    I think I might wait and see how I do on a couple more 5k's and up my mileage as you suggested Ed.

    I don't want to enter a 10k to finish, I would prefer to post a somewhat respectable time.

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    You show the excellent patience that seems to elude me.

    Be proud of that.

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