Need help in starting a 5K charity run.

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    Does any one have experience or know some one with the experience of starting a 5k charity run? I am part of an organization that would like to add a 5k run to our nature walk. It was my idea as the draw for the nature walk is declining we need a boost for our fund raising. Races can draw people – we have a possible location and a good amount of volunteers. My questions come in for police at intersections, licenses (if needed), permits, timing equipment and many other issues. I need help.

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    This might help. It’s a race director’s manual. As for specific details for permits needed and what you would need to do to get police protection, it can vary by municipality. You’re best off contacting officials from the local municipality in order to ask for details.

    The one thing I can say about organizing a race is that it isn’t easy. Start early and expect to feel overwhelmed at times. If I were starting from scratch, the first thing I would do is get a committee together so the work can be spread around.

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    I’d recommend contacting a running club in your area (or whoever else offers races) and see if they can give you some advice and a contact name with the city. Good luck.


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    What Bart said is very true. Your best bet is to seek out a running club in the area and ask for help.

    My club directs several races every year. Some are small, less than 50 runners, some larger events with several hundred runners.

    In each case the club charges a fee but all money collected beyond the fee goes to the organization that hired the club.

    For what its worth: The fee charged by the club is usually less than it would cost someone with no experience to hold a well organized, measured and timed event.

    Also, any profits the club makes are often used to support various running related causes.

    For example my club donates monies to several local high school track teams to help defer the cost of travel to out-of-town meets. We also give scholarships to runners attending college; among other worthwhile causes.


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    Good advice – thanks guys. This should give me a great start.

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