Need to pick y’all’s brains about a week with a non-goal race

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      Hi all–

      I'd like some advice on how to approach this week.  I've spent the entire year building a base after running a marathon last December.  I've put in a little over 2000 miles so far this year and am working towards another December marathon which means I'll be building the base until mid-August or so.  In the last 15 weeks, 10 have been right around 100 plus or minus 3-4 miles. 

      This Sunday I am doing a 5k relay with my running club.  Each runner does a 5k.  I'd like to run a PR, and actually I don't see how I couldn't as my PR is a pretty pedestrian 18:02 when compared with my marathon PR of just under 2:53.  My body isn't feeling tired at all, so I don't think I need a recovery week, but I want to run the marathon right around the best I can considering where I am in my training, ie no speed work, limited tempo running, etc.

      How would you advise me to approach the rest of the week?  Should I just keep it the same and run the race in place of my Sunday long run?  Maybe run the same but go very short and easy Saturday to be somewhat rested?  Something else?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Here's a quick run-down of how I handle non-goal races.

      If I'm not concerned about the race at all, I'll train right through it, just throwing it into the schedule with no consideration for it other than treating it like just a hard workout. If I would run 20 miles the day before a hard workout, that's fair game the day before the race.

      If I want to do well but don't want to interrupt my training significantly for it, I'll do my regular training for the most part until the day before the race. Then, I'll do a nice, short, easy run the day before. If I had a workout planned for 2 days before, I may push the workout up one day so I get two easy days before the race.

      If it is a race that doing well is really important to me, I may try to schedule a cutback week for the week of the race. I'd do a 2-3 day mini-taper and try to really be ready for something.

      It sounds like you're roughly in scenario 2, wanting to do well without interrupting your training too greatly. I'd go with the one short, easy day the day before the race. It sounds like you probably aren't doing too much in the line of workouts so you probably don't have to worry too much about that aspect. As for the long run, you could even consider doing a long cooldown so you get at least a moderately long run in on race day.

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      …uhhh..have fun…….in all seriousness if u have had soem good training then enjoy a down week and just happen to have fun with a relay race..come back mentally and phys ready to roll for another good series of training…..'rest is highly underrated'….

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