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    Well, I was still pretty sore all day today, and pretty tired too, but it was worth it.  Here's how it went:

    (Mile 1.) Stayed in control, let a lot of people go, 6:14, just a little fast.  They start the full, half, and marathon distance relay at the same time, so it's hard to tell who's doing what (Mile 2.) Still easing into pace, running solo, 6:20 (Mile 3.) Not feeling great at this point, but worked to catch up to a group of guys just before hitting the 3rd mile, 6:13 (Mile 4.) Now I had a group to work with, so I just set it on cruise, 6:17. (Mile 5.) We hit the five mile mark just about perfect @31:21, fifth mile was 6:15.  (Mile 6.)  The pace fluctuated a bit, but I still felt like I was finding my rythym, 6:20. (Mile 7.) 6:19. (Mile 8.) Now I felt like I was running easy, fast, but easy, 6:12. (Mile 9.) This was the mile with the only uphill on the course, it was tiny, but enough to slow us down a bit, 6:22. (Mile 10.) But we got right back into the rythym, each of us taking turns in the front, 6:14, going through 10 at 1:02:50. (Mile 11.) This mile was straight into the wind, it wasn't to bad, but at this point I was very glad to be in a pack, 6:15. (Mile 12.) Still heading into the wind but feeling good, 6:18. (Mile 13.) Felt good here, 6:18, going through the half in 1:22:27.  I think at this point our pack was numbers 6, 7, and 8. (Mile 14.) Now we're onto the second loop and I was feeling strong, 6:18. (Mile 15.) Still cruising, 6:19. (Mile 16.) I think now the group lost a few people, one guy finished at the half, and another guy fell off, 6:16. (Mile 17.)  Somehow this mile got away from us, it felt fast, but not that fast, 6:06! (Mile 18.) Back in control, 6:13.   (Mile 19.) Now this guy comes out of nowhere and passes us, 6:12, so we're 7, 8, and 9 now. (Mile 20.) But then we see a different guy starting to come back and we pass him as we come through 20, 2:05:19, so we're back to 6, 7, and 8, at 6:12.  At this point we also start lapping people, so there are people all over the course, and it was also at this point that our group starts to splinter, every man for himself after 20.  It was also at this point that it was becoming really hard to ignore the pain in my legs, and the urge to just lay down right on the street.  (Mile 21.) The youngest guy in our little pack now just takes off, not to be seen again until the finish, (he would finish 36 seconds ahead,) but me and the one other guy managed to hang on for a 6:12 mile.  (Mile 22.)  Then I can feel the wheels coming off and the other guy shakes me, 6:24, slowest mile of the race so far.  This is also the slight uphill, and it hurts this time, now I'm in 8th place. (Mile 23.) But now I'm back on flat ground and I know if I let that guy go I'll be in trouble, it would really tough running those last few miles into the wind all alone.  So I push just enough and I catch him, and hang just off his shoulder, 6:17, better.  At this point we pass another casualty, someone I know who went out way too fast, and is now doing the survival shuffle.  Now we're 6 and 7. (Mile 24.) This mile was the first of the 3 into the wind, which had picked up a bit from the first loop.  It still wasn't a really bad wind, but at this point in the race, any wind is bad.  Obviously both of us were hurting, 6:28, this would be the slowest mile of the day. (Mile 25.) Still struggling, but we're on the home stretch now, 6:27.  (Mile 26.)  You can't quite see the finish line at this point, but I know where it is, and I know that this guy is not going to beat me.   As I start to push with what I have left he drifts back.  I can still hear him and it's enough to make me keep the pressure on, 6:11.  Now I can see the finish and I know I'm free of the guy behind me, but I still push with everything I have left, covering the last 385 yards in 73 seconds.  I finish just 4 seconds ahead of 7th place.

    Official finish time was 2:44:36!  So I successfully ran negative splits (just barely)  I finished in 6th place out of about 1700 people, and 2nd in my age group.  And I also shaved about 23 minutes from my only other marathon finish.  My legs felt more shredded at the finish than they ever have before, but it felt really great to have a near perfect race, in what will likely be my last marathon for a very long time.  Once medical school starts, my priorities will shift, and I don’t want to run another marathon unless I can really give it my best shot.  It took about 1500 miles over the last six months to get to this point, plus all the miles over the last four years or so. 

    Thanks to all for the advice along the way, and if you made it this far, Thanks for reading.


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    Good work, nicely executed performance!  8)

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    Incredible performance and great recap!

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    Tim, What an outstanding job. All your time, effort, and training truly paid off, it's something you'll be able to treasure for a life time.  Great way to finish your marathon with one heck of a kick to the finish. Best always, Ski

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    Another truly inspiring performance. Great job running a very smart race. Whatever your running future holds for you as you enter a new stage in your life, this is a great way to cap off this stage.

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    so a PR, in the top 10 overall and second in your AG!!! sounds like the day was a total success… nice report too, I can never remember that kind of detail…

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    Excellent race!!

    You are one tough cookie.

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