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      As I tried to make clear any time I posted them, links to Amazon in the past have been affiliate links. Use them and a little money from purchases would come my way and help cover the costs at

      For various reasons, I decided to change course. I went through all Amazon product links I could find on the site, affiliate or not, and updated them to go to Amazon Smile.

      If you’re not familiar with Amazon Smile, it’s a program they run where a portion of qualifying sales go toward the charity of the buyer’s choice. What this means is, instead of a portion of your purchase going to, a portion can go to your choice of nonprofit.

      I feel like this is a much better use of our Amazon links. I don’t need the money and, even if it is a small amount, any amount that goes to a good cause of your choosing is a victory. So please continue using the Amazon links at and, if you weren’t before, please consider doing so in the future. Then make sure you go to Amazon Smile and choose your charity so a portion of your purchase goes to a good cause.

      In fact, consider using Amazon Smile for all of your purchases. I’m making an attempt to make more of my purchases this way.

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