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    The October poll results are in and the November topic has been posted.

    As those of you who voted or followed the results know, the question for October was about the movie Four Minutes, which aired on ESPN2 on October 6th. While I personally thought it would be an interesting movie and it was on my must see list, I was wondering how many of you felt the same way. Well, as you can see in the results, it looks like a lot of you did. For the whole month, it was looking like approximately 2/3 to 3/4 of you watched the movie and the final total was 76% watched the movie, 24% didn’t. In all honesty, this was a better number than I expected and I’m very happy to see that.

    As for the November poll, there are two things I should mention about this, as well as a favor I’d like to ask of those of you who vote or view the results.

    First, around the time of the Chicago Marathon, this topic always seems to come up. Someone who completed the course in 8 or 10 hours feels cheated because they didn’t get a finisher’s medal, even though it is clearly stated that the course closes at 6:30 and you need to finish in 6:30 or faster to get the finisher’s medal. Anyway, their complaints usually stir up the debate of how long the course should stay open. Some people say the course at major marathons should stay open longer, others say it is already open for too long. Well, now it’s your turn to draw that line in the sand. When should the course close at major marathons?

    The second thing I should mention is a new feature of the Hillrunner.com polling interface. If you remember, when I first created the new polls, I stated that I did so because no polling interface I have seen offered everything I wanted. Well, one of those things was a comments field. Starting with this poll and continuing for every poll from now on, you can enter comments to further explain your view if you would like. Comments will not initially be visible. At the end of the month, when the poll is added to the archives, they will be listed below the results and will be categorized by poll response (for example, in this poll, all comments made while voting for 6:00-6:59 will be grouped together under a 6:00-6:59 heading). As a note, comments will have to be approved by me before being visible. As with the forums, though, I will not be a strict censor. The only comments that will not make it will be spam and offensive or vulgar language.

    Vote in this month’s poll and view previous results here. (Note: I noticed some erratic behavior when I viewed results from work. Primarily, when I clicked “View Results”, I didn’t see the results immediately. I had to return to the page to see the results. I don’t know if this was due to my cookies being messed up during my testing of the new features or some bug was introduced but I didn’t make any changes related to the behavior I am seeing. If anyone notices anything unexpected, please let me know so I can look at it right away.)

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    Ed 1

    I would like to see the number of votes cast in each catagory – but not until the poll is almost done because it might be hard to get some votes in the begining if people see only one or two votes cast.

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    Ed, thanks for the thought but I want to be careful not to crowd too much into too small of a space. As it is now, percentages and a total number of votes cast for the whole poll are displayed. If you want to know how many votes are cast, you could multiply the percentage by number of votes cast. For example, currently, 50% of people voted for 5:00-5:59 in the current poll and 16 people voted overall. That means 8 voted for 5:00-5:59.

    Also, things are completely automated right now so I don’t have to do anything for the content to change except set up next month’s poll in the database before this month is over. I wouldn’t want to have things displayed differently at one part of the month and then change them for a different part. That would require either more programming, which would slow down the pages, or me to manually change the code, which is something I’d rather not do.

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    Ed 1

    For some reason the first time that I looked at the results – there were no total votes or %s. They are there now and that looks great.

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