Olympic Champion May Make Run at Marathon Record in Chicago

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    As noted, his PR is still a good distance off the record but I don't know too many people who would argue that, in the right conditions, Wanjiru couldn't run a record in Chicago. The question might be whether or not he would get caught up in a tactical race in the late miles, though his front running style may make this less likely.

    Also interesting to note, though not surprising, that they mentioned at the end that Ryan Hall is likely to commit to NYCM soon.

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    Hall to ING NYCM is not exactly news — NYRR has secured rights of first refusal for the various groups (including Team Mammoth) with athletes running fall marathons. 

    Would that I lived as close to Chicago as you do, I would be down there with a bike to catch Wanjiru and co. at several points along the course.  The Chicago weather at that time of year has also proven to be quite the wild card.

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    If I didn't have prior commitments, I'd probably be down there myself, probably sans bike but with camera and, if possible, press credentials in hand. Unfortunately, I'm already booked that weekend.

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    he will not break the record, if he want to break the record then go to berlin and run against duncan and geb, whereas , he will not break the record alone and with hot conditions. damn

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    Why would he be running “alone” at Bank of America Chicago?  And there is no guarantee on July 22nd that the weather for October 11th will not be ideal.

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    Chicago has a history of good conditions. Just because it has bad conditions for two years doesn't mean that's going to continue. Berlin is just as likely as Chicago to have unfavorable conditions on race day. As for the competition, world records don't happen in contested races – they typically happen in runaway efforts where the winner feels free to roll the dice with a fast pace. Besides, Chicago traditionally has the stronger field and, seeing as Wanjiru at Chicago was announced before Kibet at Berlin, it's hard to say that Wanjiru was ducking the competition. Without knowing the fields at either event, he want for the one with the traditionally stronger field.

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