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      Men: 2:15/2:18 (formerly 2:12/2:14:50)

      Women: 2:37/2:42 (formerly 2:32/2:36)

      Both A standards are slower than both B standards used to be.

      Any thoughts on this? I have mixed feelings. While, as an American, I think it’s nice to see that we can expect to see full marathon teams for both US marathon teams, I think it’s very disappointing that we even have to think that way. What happened to the days when we could just assume that the top 3 at the Trials would have run 2:12/2:32 recently?

      One could also argue (I’m still mixed on this) why add runners who are way out of the race to an Olympic event? I will say it’s a shame that a 2:17 marathoner could be running in the Olympics when a 2:07 marathoner will probably be sitting home.

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