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    OK all you prognosticators, here’s your chance to shine. We’re 8 days away, so let’s start the hype. Who is going to make it to the Olympics?

    Since it was brought up that some might be interested in making this into a friendly wager, here’s my proposal. For each top 3 pick you make who actually finishes in the top 3, you get 1 point (you deserve some points if you get the team members right but get their place in the race wrong). On top of that, if you get the place right, you get 5 points for first, 3 points for second, and 1 point for third. This means if you pick all 3 right, you would get 6 points for first, 4 points for second, and 2 points for third for a maximum score of 12. For a tiebreaker, we’ll use winning time.

    My picks:

    1. Alan Culpepper (2:11:53)

    2. Dan Browne

    3. Jimmy Hearld

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    3. Jimmy Hearld

    Didn’t he just pull out with an injury?

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    If he did, I guess I just spotted you 2 points. Put it to good use. 😉

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    Ryan, why don’t you start over, Jimmy has been out for about a week now, no fair to you 🙂

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    Anonymous wrote:
    Ryan, why don’t you start over, Jimmy has been out for about a week now, no fair to you 🙂

    If you insist, my alternative choice would probably be Ryan Shay. I’m willing to stick with my original choices and just say my bad for not keeping up on the latest news. Otherwise, my modified picks would look like…

    1. Alan Culpepper (2:11:53)

    2. Dan Browne

    3. Ryan Shay

    Why is nobody else placing their picks? Zeke, you were asking about this a while ago.

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    1. Dan Browne

    2. Alan Culpepper

    3. Jason Mayeroff

    I’m telling you now, Mayeroff will qualify or die on the course!

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    I dont know why that post was from guest, but that was me with Mayeroff #3.

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    My bet is this (that is if all of these guys are running it still…

    1. Meb Keflezighi

    2. Alan Culpepper

    3. Ryan Shay

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    Can I vote?

    Should I pick with my brain or my heart? Well my brain I guess, since I won’t be running for a spot my picks are.

    1. Culpepper

    2. Meb

    3. Eddy H.

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    1) meb

    2) culpepper

    3) browne

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    Nobody is picking a tiebreaker? I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t have faith in my abilities to win outright.

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    Ryan wrote:
    Nobody is picking a tiebreaker? I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t have faith in my abilities to win outright.

    Culpepper in 2:12:14

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    1. EDDY! EDDY!




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    Anonymous wrote:
    I’m telling you now, Mayeroff will qualify or die on the course!

    do not tease like that 😉

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    I got Browne in 2:13:26.

    Yes, Magpie I think some out there would call that a win-win situation, but I’m truthfully pulling for the guy.

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    1. Meb Keflezighi (2:11:18)

    2. Alan Culpepper

    3. Phillimon Hanneck

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    Culpepper 1st in 2:12:14 (edit tie-breaker – see * note below)

    Dan Browne 2nd close behind

    Eddy H will be 3rd….

    Good luck to all running (this means YOU Miles)! *Since Miles and I have exact 1st and 3rd place runners, and same winning time for Alan C, I’d better change mine (since chad posted 1st…). I’ll say Culpepper in 2:12:13*

    State of our running country that this race no longer is on broadcast television. 😡

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    1. Dan Browne 2:12:45

    2. Alan Culpepper

    3. Meb

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    Dan Browne, Alan Culpepper and Meb seem to be too easy to pick.

    I’m going with:

    1) Culpepper 2:10:40 (hoping these guys throw down some quicker times than 2:12)

    2) Dowling

    3) Collins

    Miles and Miles is my dark horse.

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    Here are my picks:

    1. Clint Verran (2:11:47)

    2. Ryan Shay

    3. Meb

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    Well it looks like ccbrian and myself are the only ones to get the top 3 right. Granted, they aren’t in the right order but at least we picked the top three. 😆

    And I had Browne getting 3rd and ccbrian didn’t have any of the top three in the right order.

    So I win, right? 🙂 🙂


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    Nice time prediction by Ryan, only 12 seconds off Culpepper’s actual time.

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    I did this quickly so please feel free to make corrections if you see any.

    Official results:

    Culpepper (2:11:41)



    Prognostication results:

    1. Miles and Miles: 10 (+0:33)

    2. Ryan: 7 (+0:12)

    3. Peter: 7 (+0:33)

    4. Zeke: 6 (-1:01)

    5. Jeff: 4

    6. ccbrian4: 3 (+1:04)

    7. peace647: 2 (+0:06)*

    8. Mark5000: 2 (-0:23)

    9. JCWrs: 2 (+1:45)

    10. BucRun: 2

    11. Woody: 2

    *Closest to actual winning time.

    As a reminder, you got 5 points for getting first place right, 3 points for getting second place right, 1 point for getting third place right. Add an additional point for every runner you picked who finished somewhere in the top 3. Maximum score: 12. The tiebreaker was predicted winning time. Prognostication results are listed with points and time off the actual winning times. In case of a tiebreak where no time was given, whoever posted first wins.

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    Chad (Miles) wins the ‘pool’ and he’s the only one among us who actually ran the race? Hmmmm…….. 😛

    Seriously, it’s surprising somewhat that nobody picked all the big 3 to finish there. Just shows you that there are so many variables in the marathon. I am very happy for Alan, Meb and Dan, and everyone else who ran and finished. I am also happy to have won the Bronze Medal in my prediction…

    I also hope we hear from Miles and Miles, who finished 70th (last finisher, but ahead of 16 dnf’s), on how he felt his race went.


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    Actually, as Jeff noted, there were two people who picked the big 3 to go but the order was off. I guess neither of them had enough faith in Culpepper.

    I guess everyone else was looking for that one surprise that seems to come along every year. Personally, I’m glad I was wrong, though. I think Meb could do very well for himself at the Olympics.

    I’d love to hear how it went for Miles and Miles. I’m guessing right now that he has plenty of other things to catch up on but, when he gets a chance, I hope he shares his story.

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    My guess is that people just wanted to keep it fun, and simply picking the favorites would have been too boring. Just about everyone picked 2 of the winners and one dark horse. I honestly thought Meb would win, but Hanneck… just wanted to throw in a long shot. Hey, he has some nice credentials on the roads and track.

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    That’s pretty funny I won.

    Just got home tonight, that’s why no responses until now.

    To correct a previous poster I believe I was 71st (not 70th) and yes I was DFL (Dead F….ing Last, ha). Let this be a lesson to you. No matter who you are you can’t run a Marathon without Marathon training. Go figure.

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    DFL is always better than DNF

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    I would gladly take DFL at the Olympic Trials…that is, unless they make it an open race. 😛

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    cameron wrote:
    DFL is always better than DNF

    no, not always . . .

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    To the kind runner who thought that I would make the team, I am sorry….yes I did die on the course.

    I had bronchitis going into the race. I knew that I was screwed about 5 days before the race.

    I am OK now.

    I have been invited to the Nagano Marathon on 11-April and I will do my best.

    My aim for Nagano is simply another sub 2;20.

    I am going for a breakthough at BERLIN this year.


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    Just kidding. April 11th for a Marathon? You ARE crazy. I haven’t ran a step since that wonderful (not) day of Feb. 7th. Been busy with the cross training though.

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    Jason, sorry to hear about the tough break. It really sucks when such a thing happens before such an important race.

    Wow, I guess I didn’t realize what kind of people make it over to this little corner of the world. I of course knew Chad was around but I figured he was the only Trials qualifier to make it over here. I hope you like what you see and I hope things clear up for you and the rest of your year goes better than the Trials.

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