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    Hey everybody I started using an online coach about 2 months ago. Everything is going great and I wanted to let you all know about it. His name is Matt. His email is [email protected]. He does everything opver the internet or phone. He even came to watch me run my goal race which I PRed in. Just wanted to let everyone know that email coaches do work. Email him if you want to know anything. HE will even answer your ?s if you are not one of his athletes

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    could be a good deal… maybe even better than making up your own work outs or at least follwing one if a book or magazine… in fact I was thinking of that myself about 2-3 months ago…

    the group I contacted ( offered in-person as well as on-line…there’s three coaches involved, a former NCAA guy, and two women (HS and adult coaching, marathon & tri experience) they said they needed at least one in-person session for evaluation…

    well, after asking the people on this site and my boss(to see if I could rearrange my schedule)… I opted for one inperson session a week, and when school is out and I can let my 12 year old sleep in, I’ll be doing two in-person… the rest of the time I get email/web site/phone support when I need it… and I’m thinking it has to a bit better than just on-line, they can tell me that I tense my shoulders when I start out and noticed that I drift as I get tired(and other things, along with some hints to fix these things)…

    of course my 16 year old thinks I should pay him since he gave me the same advice last year (“just run faster”)…

    another tool…glad you found something that works for you…


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    r-at-work wrote:
    could be a good deal…

    …or could be spam. Watch your step, that stuff is pretty nasty if you get it on your shoes.

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