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    Hi everybody i’m new here and just wanted to see what you guys think of my school’s xc team. Here’s a link my teams site:


    Seems like you guys have a pretty good site and i’m looking foward to being a member on it.

    By the way, check out the Atlantic County Meet History page. It’s got most of our teams all-time best race times on it.

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    All of the track distance records are from this past season? Some pretty darn good times, too. It sounds like you had a pretty impressive distance team there and you must have one heck of a coach.

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy it here.

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    thanks for the welcome man.

    Actually last year we had the best team of guys in the history of our school, and our coach won the New Jersey XC coach of the year award for 2004.

    I really like the forum and hope to have fun here.

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    Welcome aboard. Do not be shy about offering your viewpoint or ideas. This is a great forum. I look forward to your comments, advice and opinions. The more the merrier.

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    Hey clayton, those are some impressive times! you guys ever go up against CBA?

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    You’re trying to tell me you have 5 high school guys run an average of 14:48 for 5k X-C? And can put 9 guys under 15:33? Your top runner went 14:20? Call me skeptical, but I don’t believe it. Are they running in the Nike meet in Oregon? What have these guys done after high school? Any of them run in college?

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    A quick google search shows that

    I couldn’t find anything on Hughes (14:20 guy). Too common a name, maybe.

    Wayton (14:39 guy) is at SMU. Didn’t see any meet results for him.

    Wyner (14:40 guy) is at Cornell. On 10/16/04 he ran 8K in 25:36. Good for 132nd place.

    Popeson (14:53 guy) is at NYU. On 9/24/04 he ran 8k in 26:14.

    Must be having problems adjusting to college.

    I’m not doubting you have an awesome team. Just those times sound a little too good to be true.

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    I must be missing something.

    I’m looking at: http://www.teampages.com/teams/943474

    I see…

    Hughes: 15:39

    Wayton: 16:19

    Wyner: 16:06

    Popeson: 16:27

    Wyner and Popeson’s times seem reasonable. What am I missing? Where are these 14:xx times?

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    Ryan wrote:
    What am I missing? Where are these 14:xx times?

    Atlantic County Meet History


    Scroll down to the top times.

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    I guess I didn’t scroll far enough.

    All I can say is one thing. Considering these times didn’t even make it into the team’s all-time honor roll, I think it’s safe to say that they know it isn’t a legit course. I wonder if they run every year on the same course for that meet.

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    Unfortunately, “all-time best race times” (stated in the original post) would imply more than that — though to seasoned observers, a time recorded for a cross country race, unless being used to compare other races held on the same exact course under quite similar conditions, is essentially irrelevant. This is especially true on the scholastic level where it is as likely as not that a course is accurately close to the given distance. That the course in question is apparently a significant amount less than three miles bears this out.

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