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    I seem to have magically gotten plantar warts on my feet…I have quite a few on the left side of my right foot and four huge ones in the arch of my foot on my left foot.  My first cross country meet is on Saturday.  What can I do to make it so it doesn't bother me as much?  I ran a workout yesterday/did 40 minutes today and they weren't that bothersome, but the condition seems to be getting worse each day…  Also, what can I do to get rid of this wart FAST?  Right now I'm putting salycylic acid on it.

    I swear, someone up there is trying to keep me from being successful in running.  In the last 2 weeks I've nearly broken my ankle, nearly got hit by a car in broad daylight even though I was running on the shoulder of the road, I've got plantar warts, and now I feel like I'm getting sick, my throat is feeling sore.  My mom has pneumonia, so I bet that's next for me…

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    I had them 20+ years ago, the pain went away when I stopped treating them.  The doctor scolded me and said that the skin would grow over them and then they'd have to be surgically removed…..but I was to the point that i couldn't walked after treatment as there'd be a HUGE gaping hole in my forefoot.  I didn't listen and left them alone.  Either they are still there under all my callouses or my body fought against them without the aid of acid.

    Neice (a gymnast) had them a few years ago and had the same thing, not only not able to compete but in pain, she stopped getting treatment and didn't have to have “surgical removal” like her doctor said she would.

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    I also had a couple many many yerars ago – I had them removed by a doctor.  Back then they used liquid nitrogen to freeze several layers and then they took a scalple and cut the layers off.  They repeated the process until they were sure the dug it all out.  It sucked and I hand a bandage on my foot for several days – but no issues since then – and no thoughts that something is burried under a couple layers of skin.

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    I've had them, got a tube of 'Compound W'…soaked my feet like they said, applied the stuff, let it dry and then put duct tape over them.. I was trying to use the two methods I'd heard that worked… took about a week, but it worked for me… now I wear slides when I shower at the gym or the pool

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    I had them also, perhaps not as bad as others.  I killed them with over the counter stuff.

    It cracks me up how Doctors want to do surgery on everything.

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