Please help me for 800m and 1500m!!!

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    I am 17 years old. I want to run 2:05(800) and 4:20(1500) this season. Could you send me the example training plans for it? ( [email protected]) Please!!!

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    I’m guessing you’re running for a school, right? If so, I’m assuming you have a coach, right? If so, this is the kind of question you should be taking to your coach, someone who knows you personally and whose program you will have to follow unless you quit the team once season starts. Nobody on here knows what your coach will have you doing and knows as much about what you need as an individual as your coach knows, so nobody here can offer as sound advice as your coach can.

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    I know what your saying– here’s the deal I’ll get you a log from one of our high school runners who is around the same time as you and you can look at his workouts and times as a basis. This will just give you an idea of how one runner got there. There are many different ways to get there but it is fun to compare notes and see what they did. Have you told your coach your goals and asked him? Give me a few days to get a hold of this kid I usually see him at practice everyday and i’ll check with him.

    keep up the enthusiasm it’s contagious !


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    Thank you for your interest in my problem! 😆

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    Hey Misacha,

    I will also assume that you are running high school. I am also a middle distance runner, but am focusing more on the mile this year. My personal best in the 800 is a 2:03, which is close to your goal, so I may be able to offer a little advice…..but Ryan’s right, talk to your coach who knows you well enough, and more then we know you.

    The way my track team works, there isn’t really a distinction between distance events as far as training goes…..the milers run the same workouts as the two milers, and the 800 guys run the same workouts as the two milers, etc. This may seem unusual or whatever, but the way our league works, we need to be pretty flexible and we can mix things up when we want to. Now I’m rambling, so I’ll get to the point…….

    Maybe focus entirely on speed, but don’t neglect endurance, or focus on endurance, but don’t neglect speed. I think the 800 requires the right combo of both, plus a lot of guts. I like the fact that all distance runners run the same workouts @ my school because you get a little bit of everything…..speed, endurance, strength, etc. And don’t forget about your aerobic base/longer runs, etc…..but at this point that should probably already be developed from the off-season.

    What is you current PB in each event? My 800 times went like this:

    Frosh: 2:20

    Soph: 2:14

    Junior: 2:03

    Senior: TBA

    The greatest asset that allowed me to get down to a 2:03 was a mental one, and a positive outlook……which you already have. You gotta have the edge/drive/passion/desire/guts to keep hammering when you want to roll over and die. Experience helps, too!

    Find whatever works for you and stick with it.

    So, that’s just my 2 cents, I am no expert, just another high school trackrunner. Soon you’ll be asking what to do to go sub-2!!

    Good luck with your season!

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    If you are serious, then get a coach who can work directly with you – your best hope lies in having someone with experience/knowledge to guide you.

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    Thank you for your advice. My PB went this way: 2002-2:15

    2003-2:19(after injury)


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