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    I was about 3.25 miles into an easy run and started heading up a rather steep hill and got a sudden pain in my left calf that hurt with each step – I slowed until I got up the hill and then stopped to stretch it a bit and rub it.  I took a very slow pace to get back home but it hurt with every step.  It hurts now when I am walking at work – I am trying to do some gentle stretches while sittign at the desk.

    My question is with continued stretching and massaging the muscle does anyone think I should wrap my calf really tight and try a light run tomorrow morning or should I give it a day or two of complete rest?  This is of course based on your experience and not thinking anyone is a doctoror exercise physiologist.

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    The last thing you want to do for a pulled or strained muscle is to stretch it, that can only make it worse.

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    That is why I am wondering if it is pulled – I wasn't bounding up the hill, just easy paced running (8:30 mpm). 

    I will stop with the stretching and continue the occaisional massaging.

    Other than a pulled muscle -I am wondering what else it could be.  It is still painful to walk around (to the copier, fax etc. . .) but not as bad.

    It is sore to the touch in the lower portion of the muscle and that is where the pain is when I am walking. 

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