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    Andrew A.

    Nice article with some money quotes within:

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    That was a nice article and you were dead-on regarding the money quotes.

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    That was a good article. I think it was even harder to find meets when I was first out of school than it is now (at least around here) but that hardly means it's easy now, just not as close to impossible as before, or that there is a sustainable number of meets. More are still needed. Some great quotes in there, indeed.

    To be honest, I read this last week. Immediately, I thought of a series of small meets similar to what were described in the article (all-comers meets) that my old HS cross country coach put on over the summer. I loved those meets. Drop a quarter in a pencil box and sign up for as many events as you want. Most people did at least 2-3 events, including the predicted mile. Waukesha South began holding similar meets when I lived in that area but I never got over to them. I've thought off and on about approaching a coach at the school district I now live in about the possibility of holding similar meets at the school's track.

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