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    About a month ago I posted about being sore from a training run.  The thread is here:

    Here is how the race went:

    Race started at 7:10 and I was running with two colleagues. Weather was low 50s. I was very nervous because I knew how undertrained I was. The course was fine, a few rolling hills to start.  There were a couple areas where the 1/2 and 1/4 marathoners somewhat blocked up traffic, but no big deal.  I really made an effort to run within my abilities.

    Mile 1: 7:25 Heart Rate: 143
    Mile 2: 7:47 HR 163
    Mile 3: 7:43 HR 167
    Mile 4: 7:40 HR 172
    Mile 5: 7:44 HR 171
    Mile 6: 7:42 HR 173
    Mile 7: 7:53 HR 175
    Mile 8: 7:54 HR 171
    Mile 9: 7:40 HR 175
    Mile 10: 7:42 HR 174
    Mile 11: 7:56 HR 175
    Mile 12: 8:24 HR 174 (Mile Marker misplaced)
    Mile 13: 7:15 HR 179 (Told You!)
    Mile 14: 7:51 HR 180
    Mile 15: 7:41 HR 186
    Mile 16: 7:36 HR 185
    Mile 17: 8:00 HR 180
    Mile 18: 7:50 HR 186
    Mile 19: 7:35 HR 186
    Mile 20: 7:42 HR 187
    Mile 21: 7:49 HR 186
    Mile 22: 8:17 HR 186
    Mile 23: 8:17 HR 186 (didn't hit button last mile, that's why 22+23 are identical)
    Mile 24: 8:33 HR 186
    Mile 25: 8:29 HR 182
    Mile 26 + .2 10:17 HR 185

    Avg HR 178, Peak 195.
    Pace 7:54, 3:27:04 final time.

    Obviously the missed training hurt, but I am very pleased with the results. I felt fine the entire race and I passed quite a few people the last 7 or 8 miles despite the fact I was bonking the last 4. This was the first marathon I really had fun with. Also, an 11 minute PR! I'm looking forward to getting in some quality training this summer and getting back for a possible 3:10 race in Milwaukee in October. Thanks to those who offered advice in the previous thread.

    My 10K pr is 38:27 so I feel with a steady building of endurance I will be able to have a marathon that is comparable in performance to my 10k time.

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    An 11 minute PR with the struggles in training! Good job! Keep it up and I'm sure that marathon time will be catching up to the 10K time.

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    Great effort.  Two key things to point out.  1.)  You had fun.  That's the ultimate goal because it keeps you coming back for more.  And 2.)  an 11 minute PR.  What more can you ask for?

    Keep it up and October you'll be able to hit your goal

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    Congratulations on the PR. It sounds like you approached your training in a smart way based on your previously posted question. I was in Madison watching some freinds do the half….what a great day for a race.

    Glad to hear things worked out for you…

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    Congrats on the huge PR!!  ;D … I had a friend race it this year who also had grest day, mentioned that there were more 'rolling' hills towards the end that surprised her a bit (no real problem, just slowed her a bit more than she would have liked)… can't wait to hear how the training goes between now & October…

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    Wow, great run and thanks for sharing all the info.  Cool. 

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