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    I did a quick search but didn't find anything.  Has anyone here got a pre-marathon massage?  And if so, is it too late to get one for a race on Sunday?

    I have read it might be and read it may not be as long as they don't work you too hard.


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    have you ever had a massage before? I get one almost every week and my therapist knows me and backs off a bit before and after marathons…

    if you go ahead be sure to plan on resting a bit afterwards and drinking plenty of water to flush out the breakdown products from your muscles… I've run some of my best track workouts the morning after a massage, not sure if it's because of being more limber or because I slept better…I would probably giveit two or three days before a marathon, just to be safe..

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    Ignore at one's own peril: do nothing new in (preparing for) a big/goal race.

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