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    Hi everyone,

    I’m running a half marathon this coming May 1 as a gauge to see what kind of shape I’m currently in for my October marathon. I haven’t been racing for the past 4 months of the year or so as I have been busy building my base mileage. Training volume has been up significantly, from 50 mpw in January to 70-75+ mpw for the past few weeks. The emphasis has been alot on long steady distance. My long runs have been consistent, now ranging between 17-21 miles except on recovery weeks. I have also included 2 midweek medium long runs with a faster progression-type run with some tempo-paced running towards the end of the workout(9-13 miles) and a slightly longer steady run (11-15 miles). Easy runs range between 6-9 miles…most of my runs have been singles…started doing doubles last week. I just started tempo runs again 3-4 weeks ago, though they are still relatively short (4-5 miles in about 6:20ish pace). Having not raced in months, I have no clear indication of where I’m at in terms of my fitness level. My previous best half time was a 1:27 last November, though I knew I could have done better. The only major setback so far is a head cold that started at the beginning of this week and it looks like it will linger into the weekend. Don’t know how it may impact my performance. I have been taking it easy this week, with lowered volume and all easy running, though interestingly my training paces this week were relatively quicker than last week. Any sort of feedback will be great…I will post the race report on Sunday evening to let you guys know how I did…Thanks! 🙂

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