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    In “Advanced Marathoning” there are runs that say “7 miles + 10 x 100 strides.” For these runs, I assume you tack on the strides after you’ve completed the seven miles. Is this correct? Actually, that wasn’t my intended question…

    If the training schedule asks for “8 miles + 6 x 600 at 15k to half-marathon pace” are you to run the eight miles, then tack on 6 x 600, or do you integrate this portion (and the recovery) into the total 8 miles?

    I actually read the book cover to cover and didn’t remember seeing a clarification on this. Then went back and re-read chapter 2 and still couldn’t find a definitive answer.

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    I would include it in the run…don’t do it after. Thats the way I did it when I was following that plan.

    If you were to do it after the 8 mile run….you then have to add on a few miles of cool down, bringing your daily total to over 11 miles, which I don’t think is the plan.

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    For the first question, it’s probably a matter of preference. Strides can be done at almost any time after you are warmed up. Just find what works best for you. The way he worded it, it sounds like he is expecting you to do the strides upon the completion of the 7 miles but the next question makes me wonder a bit.

    For the second question, I agree with ferris. That’s a heck of a warmup for a speed workout day. I would think he’s saying do the workout and get in a total of 8 miles with warmup, workout, and cooldown. If he gives weekly mileage totals, you could try to add up the numbers in different ways and see which way matches the totals given.

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    Thanks Ferris and Ryan. What you say makes sense. I’ll check the book when I get home from work tonight and add up the miles. I didn’t think to do that.

    As I always, I appreciate your input!

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