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    Ran a 10K yesterday. It was a nice, flat course; got me thinking PR. My 10K PR sucked anyway, about 38:25. I was thinking I should go under 38 easily and I really wanted to go 37:12 (6 min pace). In my wildest dreams I was hoping for about 36:4x.

    Started off relaxed, hanging at the tail end of the lead pack. First mile in 5:37 and I’m thinking “just stay cool, the first mile’s always a little fast.”

    2nd mile, and the pack really starts stringing out, I’m at the back and losing ground on them. Two guys pass me and I decide to latch onto them and see what I can do. Split: 5:55.

    I let these two guys shuttle me up to the pack. Once there I start slowly picking people off for the next two miles. 5:56, 5:54.

    After that point I’ve passed everyone who is slowing down and it’s all I can do to keep within 50 feet of the people in front of me. It’s getting hard, I just keep repeating, “don’t let them leave you.” next two splits: 5:48 & 5:42. By the 6 mile mark I just really want to be done. I have my watch set to show just the splits, and I was running too hard to do math, so I have no idea what my overall time is. Nearing the finish I could see the race clock, rapidly ticking up to 36 minutes. I thought to myself, well you’ve come this far, you might as well go for sub-36. So in a burst of energy I didn’t think I had I sprinted as hard as I could and sailed across the line in 35:58! Last .2 mile split: 65 sec. whew…

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