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    I ran an 8k yesterday in St. Paul. I wanted to break 30 minutes and would be even happier if I broke 6:00-pace, or about 29:50. I split the difference and finished in 29:56. I feel pretty good about that. I feel really strong, but don’t have a lot of leg speed right now. I finished 48 seconds faster than last year. Here are my splits.

    1 6:06 6:06

    2 5:57 12:03

    3 6:02 18:05

    4 5:58 24:03

    F 5:52 29:56

    If you’d like to read the long version, you can check out my blog entry. Complete race results can be found at http://www.onlineraceresults.com. Ryan you might recognize a few names: Ryan Meissen 3rd in 24:28, Jason Finch 10th in 24:51, Josh Metcalf 25:29, Joe Uhan 25:47.

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    Consistent splits – great job!

    I’m hoping to run a similar race pace when I run Crazylegs 8k next month on the 30th. Wish me luck!

    Excellent race and thanks for the report Zeke!

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    I’m doing a 10k on the 30th, so we can compare race reports.

    Congrats on running with your son. Let’s hope he keeps it up. Maybe he’ll even quit soccer for X-C. 😈

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    Strong showing Zeke! love too see the fastest mile as the last mile 8)

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    Run wrote:
    love too see the fastest mile as the last mile 8)

    Thanks. Actually it was an 8k not a 5 mile race. So the last mile was actually about .97 or closer to 6:02.

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    nice splits Zeke!

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