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    I am in great pain right now, but it just doesnt matter. Everything came together for what was probably the perfect race. Weather: Mid 40s at start, mid 60s by the end, tail wind for most of the race, good support, people to run with for most of the race, and passing 8 people in the last 2 miles to come in 30th! I really dont think I could have gone much faster, so I am totally satisfied with my first 26.2. Here are the splits, a little erradic, but chalk that up to inexperience 😀

    1. 6:54 oops

    2. 7:09

    3. 7:19

    4. 7:11

    5. 7:19

    6. 7:11

    7. 7.15

    8. 7:02

    9. 7:05

    10. 7:02

    11. 7:08

    12. 7:01

    13. 7:05

    HALF @ 1:33:?? no split here

    14. 7:13

    15. 7:09

    16. 6:54

    17. 7:11

    18. 7:41 not sure what happened here, didnt feel slow

    19. 7:13

    20. 7:07 here I briefly felt like stopping and laying down

    21. 7:10 but it passed 8)

    22. 7:13

    23. 7:11

    24. 7:12

    25. 7:10

    26. 6:45

    .2. 1:10

    3:07:10!! next stop, sub 3!

    Thanks to everybody for the advice along the way,


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    Great Job! And not too erradic if you ask me.

    It must feel great to run such a good first marthon. It looks like your well on your way to a sub 3:00.


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    Is this a PB? If so, well done and keep up the good work.

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    This is the first marathon I completed, last year I ran the first half of the same marathon but had to drop out becuase of ITB issues.

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    suhweet! r u gonna do BOSTON now?

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    RandyS wrote:
    …not too erradic if you ask me.

    I agree with Randy. I don’t think that’s erradic at all. Looks like mile 18 could have been a little long. It probably freaked a lot of people out. It doesn’t look like you let it bother you. Mile 26 was your fastest of the day. Not too many people can say that.

    Way to go!!!

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    Ed 1

    Totally awesome job – inspiring work, effort etc… Keep it up.

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    AWESOME JOB! What a great run! Those are the type of splits I’m hoping to run in a month….

    Seeing as how this was the first marathon you completed, what was the main thing that got your through? Pacing? Particular areas of training? Mental preparedness?

    Again, congrats!!

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    Good run. Given that last mile split, it looks to me like you ran a controlled race and gave yourself instant room for improvement.

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    Madtown, I had some sage words for you, but I really dont know what worked for me. I followed the Pfitz 55mpw/24wk plan, with one or two minor modifications. The day was good, the wind was good, and to be honest, I felt like I was running too fast the whole time, I was just waiting for the wall, but it never came. I think it was just my day. Good luck to you.

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    Run, excellent job. Glad you got a descent day to run. I was watching some of those carolina storms and thinking of you. You showed great discipline and ran a smart tactical race. You don’t see that very often with first time marathons so hats off to you. You should feel great about your accomplishment.

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    Awesome! Those splits for the last 6 miles are very impressive!!! You should be proud, especially for your 1st! Sub-3 next!

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    Just what everyone would like to be able to say… “The day was good, the wind was good, and to be honest, I felt like I was running too fast the whole time, I was just waiting for the wall, but it never came. I think it was just my day.”

    congrats on a great run… enjoy the recoup time…


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    Thanks for the advice Run, again congrats to you. Sometimes it all comes together for the “perfect” race. I think you came pretty damn close to that. Celebrate it, no doubt you are very close to sub-3.

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