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    So today I ran in my last tune up race (10 miler) before my marathon and set a huge PR! Last year, same race, same course I ran a 1.04:50. Today I ran 1.02:11, good enough for 8th overall and 3rd in my age group (30-34.) I started fast, cruised through the middle, lagged between 8 – 9, but managed to do my last mile in 5:59.

    Splits were something like this:











    Obviously the markers for 5, 6, and 7 were off but the others seemed about right. Man that 6th mile seemed to take for ever 😯

    Overall I was really happy with todays race, and now I am wondering about my goal for my marathon.

    This will be my second marathon start (last year I DNF becuase of ITB Pain.) This year I have put in many more miles, been really consistent, and raced a lot less. I put todays time into a couple of calculators and all of them are coming in way under 3hrs. Before today I was shooting for a BQ but now am wondering if this might be selling myself a little short.

    I not really thinking about a sub 3 but maybe sub 3:10? I dont have the experience to go by so Id love to hear everybody’s opinions on this. I have been following Pfitz’s 55 – 24week plan. Next week is my last long run (22) and then my taper begins. As always, thanks for any and all advice,


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    After my first marathon attempt, I was given two pieces of advice from my old HS C-C coach in regards to setting goals. First, he said pick a conservative goal that you know you can accomplish. You don’t want to shoot for something too big and have two DNFs before your first finish. Second, even if you have a fast time in the back of your mind, tell people you’re shooting for a conservative goal. He described that one roughly this way. If I say I’m shooting for 2:35 and I run a 2:40, people think I ran a bad race. If I say I’m shooting for 2:45 and I run a 2:40, people think I ran a great race. Before my second attempt, I remember him telling me the best thing I could do is say I just want to finish and not discuss my time goals at all. I remember saying that and having people give me a hard time for saying that but it did take the outside pressure off and allowed me to focus internally.

    After some experiences following his giving me that advice, I understand it. If you make your goals public, there will always be people out there waiting to shoot you down. Publicly stating a soft goal gives them less of an opportunity to do so.

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    I think it depends on your goal. Is the primary goal for your marathon to BQ? If so, go out at BQ pace for the first 20 miles or so and then speed up if you are feeling good.

    If your goal is to finish as fast as you’re capable of, that’s trickier. I would say go with the pace predictor if you think you can do it but be prepared to adjust your pace during the race based on what your body is telling you.


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    first, good job on a new PR… doesn’t that feel good?

    as for your marathon…. from your 10 miler report you say your started fast, crusied the middle and then lagged… that may not work as well with marathon distance… so start out more in control for those first few miles (I won’t say ‘not fast’ since that is relative)…

    how is the ITBS? are you stretching it, watching the road camber and other preventative stuff? most common running problem and one of the more easily treated, but having been there OUCH 😯 … it’ll stop you mighty fast when it hits…good luck…


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    Nice job. Congrats on the PR. You are in a similar position as Husker – you both are running great, but not sure how that’ll translate to the marathon.

    I’d be hard-pressed to run a 62 minute 10 miler right now, but I know I’m in sub-3 shape. The calculators all depend on your training – you still have to do the work. If you have, then I don’t see any reason you can’t break 3. The calculator I like says you’re capable of 2:54. While it could be “off” a little, I don’t think it’s off 6 minutes. But like Bart said, you need to determine your goal. If BQ is #1, I’d say go out around 3:05-3:10 pace and hold it till 18-20 miles. If you want to “go for it” then go out around 3:00-3:05 pace.

    While I like Pfitz’s programs, the one thing that “scares” me is that you’ve topped out at 55 mpw. That’s really not a lot of miles for racing a marathon.

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    Can’t add much more than what’s been stated but I do think a 3:10 is probably conservative for that 10 mile time especially if you trained through the race.

    As for marathon strategy, I like to have a pretty strict time goal for the first 10 miles. This helps to control your adrenline and excitement in the beginning. Going too hard that first 10 could lead to a blow up in the end. This strategy should also give you the fredom to make adjustments depending on how you feel after 10. So maybe go out in the 68 – 70 range which should feel pretty easy then adjust as necessary.


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    Hey everybody, thanks for the advice and encouragement. I definitely have some thinking to do, but I still have 5 weeks to go, so Ive got time.

    Let me try to respond to everyone in order to see if I can squeeze any more knowledge out you.

    Ryan, I certainly see your point and my primary goal at this point is to get to the start healthy and finish the race to the best of my ability. I am less concerned with what others will say, less so than I am about feeling like I could have done much better at the end of the day.

    Bart, my goal in any race is always to run as fast as my body and my training will allow, and in this case I am hoping that my best will qualify me for Boston.

    Rita, the ITB is behaving, I have been strethching and have been going for active release treatment. I have been feeling good throughout the winter and have been super vigilant about the slightest pain in the knee. After this weekend I start to taper so my body will get a little rest. The pace for the 10 miler was a little erradic, but only becuase I knew that barring something disastrous, I could hold on for 10 miles. For the marathon I definitely will try to be as even as possible.

    Zeke, the 55 mile weeks were new highs for me. So it has me a little worried too. Im thinking about starting conservatively and then cranking it up if Im feeling good. How conservatively? Im not sure yet.

    Steve, I did train through this race, although the schedule has this as a bit of a down week, 48 miles. I did 15 on Friday and 4 on Sat to bring the weekly pre-race total to 38. Im thinking 70 might be a little fast but who knows?

    Thanks again to all and anything else you have to add would be appreciated,


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    Ed 1

    Tim you are where I want to be – consistent, great base and good speed I know I’ll get there by fall. But it sounds like your goal is to get to Boston and finish strong. Go out like the others have said at the BQ pace take that pace accross the typical “wall” point and if you have gas left in the tank – slowly put the pedal to the metal. My first half marathon I was able to run very fast accross the finish and it felt great and was a huge confidence boost for me.

    So, without all the junk I mixed in. I agree with the others go out at the BQ pace then kick it in if you have the energy left to do so. Keep in mind that 26.2 is farther than 22 by more than just the 4.2 miles that the math shows. My first and so far only marathon was a breeze until about mile 23 and was then hell at 25. Each of those miles past 22 is harder than a mile at any other time. Focus on your true goal BQ.

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