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    The event was well run for a charity event but as far as a 5k race was concerned, it needed a lot of improvement.  It is safe to say I will not do this event again.  The course was short and walkers were not kept out of the runner’s path.  Also, and this is big: they only recorded the names of the first three finishes in male and female.  There was no time tracking or any other record keeping.  But I digress – on with the race report.

    Ryan and I met up by chance and talked a bit about my strategy and decided a lap of the two lap course would serve as a good part of the warm-up.  The warm-up was what I expected and we really tried to see the course because there were a lot of twists and turns.  We did some stretching and headed over to the start area.  I had a goal of running sub 21 so 7 minute miles with a slight push at the end would do the trick.

    When the siren sounded we were off and running.  I wanted to use my Garmin to keep that first mile in check and planned and racing from that point on.  Hit the first ¼ mile in 1:33 about 12 seconds ahead of pace so I dialed it back a bit not wanting the wheels to fall off at the end of the race.  Next ¼ mile was in 1:42 – much better, only 3 seconds ahead of pace.  I figured I would hold this for the next half mile and then begin racing. 

    There wasn’t much ahead of me Ryan Hill and Ted Shue were flying away from me and that left a handful of people to race with.  I was slowly reeling in the guy ahead of me as we neared the mid point and they called out a time of 10:02.  My brain thought – Oh man I could be in trouble.  I kept dialing the guy in and eventually passed him about a ¼ mile from the midpoint.  As we neared two miles the entire path was blocked by walkers a bunch of kids were in the running path with their moms, wagons and strollers taking up the remainder of the road.  I called ahead “runner coming through please move over.”  That was a mistake a couple kids looked back and tripped over each other creating a small pile of kids and I had to do a steeple chase like leap over the pile or crash into a ditch.  I chose to leap.  After clearing that hurdle I was a bit rattled but I focused on the next person ahead of me.

    I wanted to see my pace at the next ¼ mile point so I checked the Garmin and I was still slightly faster than 7 minute miles – I though OK I am doing well less than 1.1 miles to go.  I then passed the person in front of me and worked on the next.  I didn’t catch that person for about a ¼ mile so I was running out of real-estate to pass people.  I don’t remember much about the final ¼ mile but as I approached the finish line they called out a time of 19:48.  That seemed fast and Ryan’s time was fast as well – we were thinking the course must be a bit short but not by much.  My Garmin clocked the run at 3.02 miles (my last ¼ mile was at a 6:00 minute mile pace.)  Someone else I found that had a Garmin also had 3.02 miles.  Ted Shue measured the course with a wheel-measuring device and came up with 150 meters short almost the same thing.

    With a bit of math I would have run about a 20:30 on a legit course so I am still well ahead of my goal.  I just wish I knew what place I got or where I fell in my age group etc. . . none of that was provided. 

    I am happy with my performance and I am looking forward to my June race.

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    Nice race Ed!! A shame that the organization was not very good!

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    This one was all about the charity and in that they did very well.

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    Ed, good race. The lack of results didn't even register with me because I was given my time and I knew my place but you're right in that. I do think they are very close to having a results system that is very adequate for a race this size. It wouldn't be hard for them to do.

    The race had some very good aspects. Personally, I think it has potential. It just needs a couple fairly easy to implement, given where they are now, changes and it could be a heck of a race. Of course, those changes need to be made or it's just another charity “fun run”.

    As for you, you're in a good position. Ahead of where you were last year with room for more improvement. Keep at it and you'll be doing good things as summer and fall roll around.

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    Nice race, Ed!  Did you at least get a cupcake for your effort if not an official place?  🙂

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    Yes – I got an Oreo Cookie cupcake!

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    Ed, can't wait to see you at Al's.  We'll tell lies and have a good time…again.

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    Andrew A.

    Well done!

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    Thank you Andrew – more improvements are on the way!

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