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    12 days post BOSTON, i lined up at the starting line for the inaugural Racine Running Fest.  earlier in the week, i had noticed that not many folks had signed up for the 30K…and those who did weren't showing up on google as fast runners.  a co-worker passed me a registration code that saved me $40 so i signed up.

    the race started and it quickly was down to a two runner race.  after the first uphill, bill tucked in two steps behind me.  one of racine's finest was on a bike leading us along the course. i wanted to see if bill was serious or not so i pulled through the first mile in 6:26.  since he stayed two steps behind me through that first mile, i backed off a bit into the 6:30-6:40 range as we went through miles 2-5.

    i could sense that bill grabbed water at 5 miles and i threw in a surge to put a gap between us.  by 7 miles, he was back on my tail never taking a pull in front.  by 9 miles, we were headed straight into a headwind and i could see by our shadows that he was drafting off me.  i meandered left and right and he matched me step for step.

    after 11 miles, we were on a paved bike trail.  i took an energy gel and a swig of water.  by 20K, he was still right with me and i was beginning to wish he'd just take off so i could slog my way back into the finish.  my legs were heavy from the early pace and the effort on marathon monday.

    by 14 miles, the paved trail turned to crushed gravel (surprise) as we made our way to the turn around point at roughly 15 miles.  after the turn, we doubled back on the course and the 3rd place runner was well behind us.  at 16 miles, we passed a co-worker of mine (who gave me the $40 off code) and he yelled out a “GO JERRY”.  all i had in me was a nod and a point as all my energy was going toward propelling myself forward.

    suddenly, i felt that bill had dropped off my shoulder.  i turned and noticed he was 7 or 8 steps behind me so i dropped the hammer and began giving everything i had to put a gap on him.  the bike path was winding so i could glance at where bill was without looking like i was making a concious effort to do so.

    by 17, my ears were ringing and i was closing in on a bonk.  i gulped down another energy gel and a mouthful of water.  one last big hill needed to be climbed just past 18.  i shortened my stride and just kept moving forward.  after cresting the hill, a quick right  then a left took me to a downhill finish line with the overall win.

    Time: 2:15:23 
    Pace: 7:15

    the runner who was in 3rd back at the turnaround actually ended up in 2nd place…5 minutes behind me.  bill managed third…about 40 seconds after 2nd place.  (i googled bill…who was a late entry in the race.  he ran a 2:56 marathon in 2001 and had done lots of shorter races at a pretty good pace)

    it's been 10 years and 2 days since the last time i had won a road race.  honestly, i didn't think i'd see the finish that way again.  granted, it was a very small race with only 27 finishers, but i had to earn it as i was pushed until about 2 miles to go.

    for my efforts, i got a 8×10 plaque and a finishers medal.  i also brought home an 11×17 laminated course map after asking the RD for it.  the course was well marked and accurate (18.71 miles on my GPS).  for a first year event, it was pretty good.  if they re-think the entry fees ($80 for 30K and $65 for half marathon) i think more people would run it.  the 30K distance was challenging, i had never raced anything in between a half marathon and marathon.

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    Awesome!! 12 days post Boston and you win a 30K trail race, awesome is all I can say.  12 days after my marathon I was lucky to be getting in an easy 10 🙂 Congrats to you, excellent effort.


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    Jerry, good job. No matter what the competition, it's always fun to be in the hunt and run for the win.

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    Great report and an impressive finish so soon after a marathon! 

    Is winning a 30k now a standard part of your recovery schedule?


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    The Legend continues….

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    Jerry, Great work. My congrats to you on a super job coming right after your run in Boston, where the weather was nothing to write home about. (or maybe it was?) Ski

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    wow… I kept thinking “he just ran Boston”… glad you got in the race at half price and glad you hung on long enough to shake the guy… congrats on a well earned WIN…

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    That must have been a huge thrill to duel like that and come out on top. 

    This just proves to me that years of consistent work pay off. 

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    Looks like it's going to be your year!!!

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