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    An Olympic bronze for Paula Radcliffe would be an “awesome achievement,” says British marathon team-mate Liz Yelling.

    Radcliffe, 34, was favourite to win Olympic marathon gold in Beijing but now faces a fight to be fit after suffering a stress fracture to her leg.

    “She wants to win the gold,” said Yelling. “But it would still be an awesome achievement if she came away with the bronze medal.

    “People shouldn't give up on her and ask her to throw in the towel.”

    BBC article

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    Even if Radcliffe herself were to echo those sentiments (which I doubt she would), at this point she is not even a lock for top 10, let alone top 5 or a podium spot.  Though Radcliffe would also likely not even think it – let alone say it – there are too many good, seasoned women who have proven themselves in those conditions for Radcliffe to realistically have a shot at the podium: Ndereba, Noguchi, Kastor, Tosa, Adere, Zhou, Simon, Tulu, etc.  These women are all actively training and preparing and are not hobbling around on crutches.

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