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    WI MTP


    Only thing better – If the sun was shining

    When you live in WI – You have to appreciate the little things

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    I must be a wimp, I didn't go with shorts down here to the south at lunch but I did get to splash through some puddles. Also got in a few good strides now that I'm finally not slipping on snow/ice every day. It would be nice if this warm weather would hold for at least a few days but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

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    I ran in shorts and a long sleeved T this morning in the balmy 40 degree weather. Loads of puddles from the melted snow abounded. But what a difference 11 hours makes, as the current weather shows snow and 30 mph winds, and the overnight low will be -5 tonite with even greater wind gusts.

    Living in Wisconsin, indeed….. 😛

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    What's the big deal about running in shorts?  I'll be wearing them today for my run, it's -17 with a windchill of -47.

    I'll be in the climate controlled indoor track.  😉

    Stay warm people.

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    WI MTP


    But not today – The TM today

    As my injury is healing and I am getting stronger I am starting to fail on the “I will run outside at least every other day” promise.

    Spring – I am ready for you!

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    ;D I have been running in my shorts also. They are over my “long Johns” and under my cold weather gear. Today we will get another foot of the white rain, that is if the prognosticators are correct (which they are not usually). I have usually been running inthe mid 20s-low 30s.  😀
    The weather has been actually decent if you like snow and cooler…..

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