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    I received some advice a few months ago from a few of you guys and I think it has helped me with my race efforts.  On Sept 10, I ran a PR in an 8K race with a time of 30:17.

    I ran the Quantico half today, sort of, it was about 4/10ths of a mile short.  The race is run on the Quantico Marine Corps Base and has one terriible hill on the course, I am sure Ryan could fly up it though, and a few other hills but nothing that was difficult.  The weather was perfect to run, the wind was not a factor, 49 degrees at start and cloudy.  I was hoping to run at a 6:30 pace, which I thought would be what I would need to attempt a sub 3 at the Marine Corps Marathon (10/29).

    My 205 Forerunner read 12.70 miles, and my buddies Forerunner 201 read 12.75 miles, and almost every runner had a PR, well anyway here are my splits:

    6:47 (tough hill, but not as bad as I thought)
    6:02 (rewards from doing the big hill)
    4:03 (.70 tenths of a mile)

    Final time by my watch was 1:20:31 (12.70 miles). I was still running strong at end and could have easily kept up the same pace for 4/10ths of a mile. The running calculator computes my run to a 1:23:14 half marathon which I am very pleased with. I finished in 12th place (2nd male, 40-44 age group), not sure how many total runners, but I think it was somewhere around 1,000 runners. Official results will be posted sometime tomorrow.

    Overall I enjoyed this race, did not like the fact that there was no chip mat at start, there was only one at the finish and the short course was a little dissapointing.

    The weather was perfect for running and would recommend this race to do at least once if anyone is interested.

    Would appreciate any advice on what I should be concentrating on the in the next 4 weeks, I plan on a 2 week taper.  I used the 2 week taper last year in Chicago and had a nice PR.

    Over the last 20 weeks, I think I have averaged about 80 miles per week, with 4 of the last 5 weeks, in the 90s, and this week a did 72 miles, wanted to have some sort of fresh legs for the 1/2 marathon, but did not want to interrupt my marathon training.  Basically my body has felt better than it has in the last 3 years. 

    I wish I could offer you guys some tips or advice, but I feel so inferior compared to most of you regarding running, but if anyone needs any advice on catching Largemouth Bass, I would be more than willing to lend my expertise in that field ;D


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    great job, I ran it too, got a 6 minute PR but while I felt great a short course would be a good 'partial' explanation for that big an improvement…they also took out the hill at mile 3 and had us do that silly loop witht the in-and-out through the underpass… whatever, I still like that race, great logisitics… did you see the Bald Eagle fly over when they were playing the Star Spangled Banner?…

    I was a lot slower than you, my watch said 1:51:29 which by most on-line calculators says I should be able to break 4 hours… I have trained really hard & focused this year but the only thing that is making me happy is that I picked it up the last 4 miles, but that last mile was the fastest I've ever run in a race so it makes sense that it was short… still… I'm happy… my splits looked similar to yours but 8 minutes & change instead of 6 & change…anf that hill at mile 8 didn't seem nearly as bad in previous years, gee I guess all the hill work I've done paid off..

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    Sounds like you had a very nice race also.  I didn't see the bald eagle, I wish I had, that must have been a wonderful sight.

    Not sure how you timed your splits, but I know the 1st mile marker was short, because when I passed it, they were calling the time out at 5:45.  Since they changed the course this year, maybe the distance discrepancies were in the early miles, so maybe your last mile was a legitimate mile. 

    Sounds like you did well on that big hill.  There was a guy in front of me who stopped almost at the top and emptied his stomach out.  When I passed him I thought his race was over, but about 3 miles later, I could not believe that he passed me.  Hope you have a nice recovery and good luck in your future races.


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    I'm no expert, but your plan looks solid to me.  I really like your idea of a 2 week taper.  I think we hear too much about 3 weeks, but your mileage is solid and I'm coming around to thinking that when peaking at 90+ miles you are probably “not” the person that most books are talking to.  Your “attempt” at sub3 looks like a sure thing, with  2:55 pretty doable, I doubt there is a real lot you could do wrong, even if your taper isn't dead on, diet a little off, sleep deprived, first mile too fast…you'll get 3 hours.

    so I guess……I have no advice :).  You're under control.

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    Kevin, I'd agree with Sue. Not a whole lot of advice I could offer. You sound like you are running well and have things well under control. It's just a matter of execution now. Things bode well for you at this point.

    Rita, likewise. It sounds like things are going well. It's good to hear of two good runs at that race.

    It really sucks when they can't get the course quite right. Fortunately, good performances can be recognized regardless of course distance. Unfortuantely, there is no completely quantifiable number when the course is short.

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