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    I know this is a non-running topic but I just wanted to get the message out here because we have a couple of times recently had people responding to spammers, which does nothing but help them. If you see a post that you can identify as spam simply by reading the subject, the best thing you can do is don’t even click on it. If you read a post that looks like spam (hint: if it’s a promotional message posted on a forum, it’s spam) the best thing you can do is not reply and let it fall off the most recent threads as quickly as possible. If anything, reply to other topics so it will fall even more quickly.

    I have always been very proactive against spam and will continue to do so. If any hits this forum, you don’t have to call it out because it won’t last long. As soon as I notice it, it will be removed, no questions asked. I feel that is a responsibility I have to myself, the regular visitors to this site, and the advertisers who help me pay the bills. I take this responsibility very seriously.

    To the spammers out there, if you even take the time to read this, you should realize that spamming these forums is a waste of your time. Your messages will be read by very few people before they are deleted and I think the people here are smart enough to know not to click on your links.

    More in a recent post on non-running:

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    I’m terribly sorry about my lack of moderation over the past few days. I was out of town and thought I would have Internet access but my access was much more limited than I expected. I am back now and posts will be dealt with as deemed appropriate. Blatant spam has already been dealt with and I may be moving a couple of other posts as e-mails have requested if I feel moving them would be appropriate.

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