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    Been busy, but have to congratulate Rita on a 22 min PR! Great job, don’t be discouraged about the Boston goal, 22 minutes off marathon times at a crack ain’t nothing to sneeze at, you’ll get there. The marathon is a gamble all the way around and the elements are always the enemy. Your on your way though Rita, again congratulations.

    Steve, 52 min 15K, is AWESOME as far as I’m concerned. you’ll bust 2:40 on the right day going away.

    If all that ain’t good news, I found a lot to appreciative about concerning the worldwide running community today. I met a 30 year old man from the Netherlands at the start village of the NYC marathon and shared gave him some foot cream (Aquaphor) for the feet to prevent blisters. It was his FIRST Marathon, and he ventured all the way to NYC for it. We only exchanged first names. Today I received a post card and a thanks for the cream and a congrats on my race from halfway around the world. He looked me up on the race site form my number and then took the time to find my address, and mail me a thank you. After another long day of dealing with criminals, this was breath of fresh air and I just thought I’d share this guys act of unusual gratitude becasue I found it outright inspiring. PSKI

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