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    100m (w: 1.5) – 1, J.J. Johnson, NIKE, 10.20. 2, Monzavous Edwards, Unattached,  10.24. 3, Jeff Laynes, Brooks, 10.33. 4, Chris Johnson, Unattached, 10.42. 5,  Brian Lewis, Unattached, 10.44. 6, Carlos Moore, Cheetah Internat, 10.44. 7,  Marcelle Scales, NIKE, 10.46. 8, Davian Spence, Unattached, 10.51.

    800m – 1, Gary Reed, NIKE Canada, 1:46.64. 2, Alex Kipchirchir, Kenya, 1:47.09. 3,  Nick Symmonds, OTC Elite, 1:47.37. 4, Khadevis Robinson, NIKE, 1:47.60. 5,  Chris Lukezic, Reebok, 1:48.03. 6, Kevin Elliott, OTC Elite, 1:48.03. 7, Matt  Scherer, OTC Elite, 1:48.06. 8, Elliott Blount, OTC Elite, 1:48.08. 9, David  Krummenacker, adidas, 1:48.37. 10, Brandon Shaw, OTC Elite, 1:48.90. 11, Sam  Burley, Asics, 1:49.10. –, Marc Sylvester, OTC Elite, DNF.

    1500m – 1, Ryan McKenzie, NIKE Canada, 3:39.93. 2, Matt Tegenkamp, NIKE, 3:40.34. 3,  Steve Scherer, Unattached, 3:41.05. 4, Blake Boldon, Saucony, 3:41.99. 5, Sean  O'Brien, OTC Elite, 3:42.42. 6, Ian Dobson, adidas, 3:42.89. 7, Jordan  McNamara, Lane Community C, 3:43.03. 8, Patrick Tarpy, Reebok, 3:43.11. 9,  Bolota Asmerom, NIKE, 3:43.59. 10, Gabe Jennings, Saucony, 3:45.32. 11,  Martell Munguia, Mexico, 3:52.63. –, Joel Legare, Team XO, DNF. –, Joaquin  Chapa, Unattached, DNF.

    4x100m Relay (UO Dorms)  1, UO Running Club 49.26. 2, Dorm Bean 53.22. 3, Dorm Collier 53.91. 4, Dorm  Walton Smith 55.39.

    110m Hurdles – (w: 2.5) 1, Dominique Arnold, NIKE, 13.26. 2, Antwon Hicks, adidas, 13.44. 3,  Linnie Yarbrough, NIKE, 13.56. 4, Jermaine Cooper, Unattached, 13.74. 5, Arend  Watkins, Unattached, 14.00. 6, Anwar Moore, NIKE, 14.10. –, Dexter Faulk,  NIKE, DNF.

    High Jump – 1, Jesse Williams, NIKE, 2.24m, (7-04.25). 2, Jesse Lipscombe, Canada, 2.19m,  (7-02.25). 2, Marcus Harris, Unattached, 2.19m, (7-02.25). 4, Jamie Nieto,  Unattached, 2.19m, (7-02.25). 4, Trevor Barry, Bahamas, 2.19m, (7-02.25). 6,  Adam Shunk, Indiana Invaders, 2.19m, (7-02.25). 7, Cedrick Norman, Charisma  Athleti, 2.19m, (7-02.25). 8, Eugene Hutchinson, Unattached, 2.14m, (7-00.25).

    Pole Vault – 1, Giovanni Lanaro, Mexico, 5.70m, (18-08.25). 2, Tim Mack, NIKE, 5.70m,  (18-08.25). 3, Brad Walker, NIKE, 5.60m, (18-04.50). 4, Jacob Pauli, NIKE,  5.60m, (18-04.50). 5, Toby Stevenson, NIKE, 5.60m, (18-04.50). 6, Russ Buller,  Asics, 5.45m, (17-10.50). 7, Tye Harvey, New Balance, 5.30m, (17-04.50). 7,  Darren Niedermeyer, Unattached, 5.30m, (17-04.50).

    Shot Put – 1, Dylan Armstrong, Canada, 20.17m, (66-02.25). 2, John Godina, adidas,  19.50m, (63-11.75). 3, Sheldon Battle, Unattached, 19.39m, (63-07.50). 4,  Vince Mosca, Unattached, 19.02m, (62-05). 5, Mark Lewis, Unattached, 16.78m,  (55-00.75).


    100m (w: 1.5) – 1, Carmelita Jeter, South Bay TC, 11.29. 2, Muna Lee, NIKE, 11.37. 3,  Michelle Lewis, Unattached, 11.42. 4, Angela Williams, Unattached, 11.47. 5,  Crystal Cox, Unattached, 11.47. 6, Wyllessheia Myrick, NIKE, 11.47. 7, Nadine  Palmer, Jamaica, 11.61. 8, Toyin Olupona, Unattached, 11.65.

    300m – 1, Fernada Blakely, Asics, 32.50. 2, Milton Campbell, adidas, 32.53. 3, Chris  Berrian, Unattached, 32.70. 4, Alleyne Francisque, NIKE Grenada, 33.08. 5,  Jamel Ashley, Reebok, 33.15. 6, Ryan Bailey, Unattached, 33.50. 7, Pete Coley,  Unattached, 33.70.

    400m – 1, Tonette Dyer, NIKE, 51.91. 2, Debbie Dunn, Unattached, 52.32. 3, Moushaumi  Robinson, NIKE, 52.47. 4, Monique Hennagan, Reebok, 52.96. 5, Julian Clay,  Unattached, 53.34. 6, Ronetta Smith, Jamaica, 53.69. –, Hazelann Regis,  Grenada, DNF.

    800m – 1, Maria Mutola, Mozambique, 1:58.79. 2, Nicole Teter, NIKE, 1:59.91. 3, Alice  Schmidt, adidas, 2:00.36. 4, Diane Cummins, Canada, 2:01.17. 5, Marion  Burnett, Unattached, 2:01.73. 6, Neisha Bernard-Thomas, Grenada, 2:02.92. 7,  Aimee Teteris, NIKE Canada, 2:03.47. 8, Frances Santin, SMTC, 2:06.76. –,  Leah Worthen, Unattached, DNF.

    100m Hurdles – (w: 1.8) 1, LoLo Jones, Asics, 12.88. 2, Sheena Johnson, NIKE, 12.90. 3, Jenny  Adams, Unattached, 12.93. 4, Dawn Harper, NIKE, 12.97. 5, Delloreen  Ennis-London, Jamaica, 13.03. 6, Aurelia Trywianksa, NIKE Poland, 13.25. 7,  Toni-Ann Doyley, Unattached, 13.90.

    Long Jump – 1, Jovanee Jarrett, Unattached, 6.53m, w:1.9 (21-05.25). 2, Grace Upshaw,  NIKE, 6.50m, w:1.3 (21-04). 3, Brianna Glenn, Unattached, 6.34m, w:1.0  (20-09.75). 4, Rose Richmond, Unattached, 6.28m, w:2.2 (20-07.25). 5, Virgina  Johnson, Unattached, 6.26m, w:1.7 (20-06.50). 6, Tameisha King, Cheetah  Internat, 6.12m, w:2.2 (20-01). 7, Lauryn Jordan, Team XO, 6.10m, w:1.7  (20-00.25). 8, Tianna Madison, NIKE, 6.08m, w:NWI (19-11.50).

    Pole Vault  1, Stacy Dragila, NIKE, 4.50m, (14-09). 2, Lacy Janson, NIKE, 4.40m,  (14-05.25). 3, April Steiner, adidas, 4.40m, (14-05.25). 4, Mary Vincent,  Asics, 4.30m, (14-01.25). 5, Becky Holliday, New Balance, 4.30m, (14-01.25).  5, Nikole McEwen, Sporthill, 4.30m, (14-01.25). 7, Tracy O'Hara, adidas,  4.20m, (13-09.25). 8, Chelsea Johnson, NIKE, 4.20m, (13-09.25). 8, Jillian  Schwartz, NIKE, 4.20m, (13-09.25).

    Hammer – 1, Amber Campbell, Unattached, 67.81m, (222-06). 2, Jennifer Leatherman,  Unattached, 67.60m, (221-09). 3, Jessica Cosby, NIKE, 66.72m, (218-11). 4,  Kristal Yush, Unattached, 66.59m, (218-06). 5, Bethany Hart, Unattached,  66.43m, (217-11). 6, Erin Gilreath, NIKE, 66.08m, (216-09). 7, Brittany  Hinchcliffe, Team XO, 66.00m, (216-06). 8, Loree Smith, NYAC, 64.24m,  (210-09). 9, Cari Soong, Team XO, 62.75m, (205-10).


    Women's 800m Dash:
    Maria Mutola of Mozambique out cleanly as Orton sets the pace early with Mutola behind her. Mutola away from the field as the rabbit Orton drops off with 8 about 20m back in second place. :56 split as Mutola hits the line at 400m. Teeter from Nike moves into second place as she and Adidas' Schmidt try to close the lead. Mutola wins the race in 1:58.79, the fastest time in the world this year!!!! Teeter sets the fastest time by an American this year, finishing second in 1:59.91!!!

    Men's 1,500m Run:
    Off the line they come out bunched up, with Vermillion setting the pace as the rabbit followed by Tegenkamp of Nike and Ian Dobson of Adidas. They hit the line for the first time as Vermillion starts to set a faster pace from the field on the backstretch and the field adjusts to catch up to him. McKenzie of Nike and Canada moves into fourth place as they come to the front stretch. Vermillion, Tegenkamp, Bolden, and McKenzie leading the pack as they get to the line for the second time. 2:00 800m split for Vermillion. All in a row as they come around the curve. Vermillion drops off as the pace setter and Tegenkamp, Bolden, Scherer as they hear the bell tone for the final lap. Bolden comes up on the outside shoulder of Tegenkamp as they hit the back curve. McKenzie moves into third and now into second as they comes to the stretch. McKenzie passes into the lead and the win with 10m to go and he wins the race in 3:39.93. Tegankamp finishes second in 3:40.34, followed by Scherer, formerly of Oregon, in 3:41.05.

    Women's 400m Dash:
    Off the start, Dunn running unattached and Robinson of Nike out strong already making up the stagger its Dunn. As they come around the final curve it's Tonette Dyer of Nike in the lead by 2m, Dunn and Robinson battle for second. Dunn passes Robinson as they second and third. Dyer takes the race in 51.91, followed by Dunn in 52.32 and Robinson in 52.47.

    Men's 300m Dash:
    Colely and Ashley out running well as they hit the curve and it's a very even field all the way to the line, but Bernard Blakely of ASIC establish a slight lead with 10m to go and takes the closely contested race in 32.50, followed Campbell of Adidas in 32.53 and the unattached Chris Berrian in 32.70.

    Men's 100m Dash:
    Out of the blocks it's lane 3 and 5 with 4 and 1 coming strong in the last 25m and its Nike's J.J. Johnson taking an extremely close finish over the unattached Edwards, 10.20 to 10.24. Laynes finishes third with a time of 10.38 and the unattached Chris Johnson in 10.42.

    Women's 100m Dash:
    False Start on the first attempt. Out of the blocks it's lane 3 as the field is even until Jeter of the South Bay Track Club makes her move with 10m to go and bolts away from the field to take the win in 11.29, followed by Lee of Nike in second in 11.37 and Lewis, competing unattached in 11.42.

    Men's 800m Dash:
    Off the start the field is even with Sylvester out well and is the leader at 200m. Robinson of passes on the back curve. Number 1 in the lead as they hit the back stretch followed by 12 and 4. 4 still in third making a move to the front of the pack and takes the lead at 600m. Kipchichir takes the lead on the Bowerman curve, and down the straightaway it Reed of NCAN taking the race in 1:46.64, followed by Kipchichir of Kenya in 1:47.09 and Symmonds of the Oregon Track Club coming from the middle of the pack to take third in 1:47.37.

    Women's 100m Hurdles:
    Out of the blocks it's Lolo Jones out quickly with Sheena Johnson, and halfway through the field is even and over the last hurdle it's LoLo Jones from ASIC taking the race in 12.88, followed by Sheena Johnson of Nike in second in 12.90 and unattached Jenny Adams in 12.93.

    Men's 110m Hurdles:
    Out of the blocks Dominique Arnold followed by Dexter Faulk lanes 4 and Anwar Moore running together and it's Arnold of Nike out in 13.26 taking the easy victory over Hicks, finishing in second at 13.44, followed Yarbourough of Nike in 13.56. Moore from Nike was having a tremendous race, even with the leaders until hitting the last hurdle, finishes in sixth place.


    Lolo Jones, Asics (Winner – Women’s 100m Hurdles, 12.88, w:1.8)
    “I had a ‘dirty’ recovery after a tough start. I gritted my teeth toward the end for the win. It’s just about getting my rhythm before the Trials. Once you get that pattern and rhythm you can maintain it.”

    Dominique Arnold, Nike (Winner – Men’s 110m Hurdles, 132.26w, w:2.5)
    “I wanted to run a little faster, but this is my fastest opener so I can’t complain. This is only my fifth week of hurdling practice and my first race so I’m happy with the time. I’m just happy to finish injury-free. You can practice and practice and still not have the same feeling, so I just wanted to get through this.”

    Gary Reed, Nike (Canada) (Winner – Men’s 800m, 1:46.64)
    “It was my first race with a really big field, so I got mixed up a little bit early. I’m really happy to get the win today. On a day like today, I wasn’t concerned about my time. I wanted to place in the top two so I’m really happy with that.”

    Nick Symmonds, Oregon Track Club (3rd – Men’s 800m, 3rd, 1:47.37)
    “It was an amazing field. I didn’t finish quite as high as I would have liked, and I didn’t have as good of time as I would have liked, but I’m pretty happy with it. It’s a good prep for the Prefontaine [Classic]. There were a lot of people out there – I’ll take it.”

    Carmelita Jeter, South Bay Track Club (Winner – Women’s 100m, 11.29, w:1.5)
    “My start was a little shaky. I thought the starter would call it back. I had to play catch-up a bit. … I was focused on me. I noticed that a few people got good starts and I knew I just had to go get them. It’s just about being consistent and focusing on the race. The goal is to make the World Championships team.”

    Jesse Williams, Nike (Winner – High Jump, 7-4 1/4, 2.24m)
    “I’m really looking forward to the Pre[fontaine Classic]. I wasn’t expecting anything huge today, but I was happy with it. … It’s a great track town. I’m really looking forward to coming back.”

    Stacy Dragila, Nike (Winner – Pole Vault, 14-9, 4.50m)
    “I’m about 70 percent right now physically, but I’m making some big strides now. Today was the first day with a full run so that was good. From here, I know that the bigger poles and higher grips (her hand position on the pole) will come. I know that I need to be more aggressive on the runway, because when you can grip high, you jump high.  … (About the depth of top U.S. talent on the international scene) – It’s great to be able to share the pressure with other people and it makes our team stronger at the World Championships. You can’t control how others perform, only how you do. Right now I’m most concerned about trying to get as healthy as I can, and will let the marks happen on their own. … (Physical health?) I’ve had some compensation problems with my left leg in the past, and now it’s switched to my right leg, and it bothers me maybe the most in my Achilles at this point. … I’m training again at Idaho State with my old coach Dave Nielsen, and have been back there for 1 1/2 years. I had Achilles surgery last June, and after I came back from that, I had to deal with some of the limited training issues because of the weather in Pocatello.”

    Maria Mutola, Nike (Mozambique) (Winner – 800m, 1:58.79)
    “This was a fast time for a first meet of the season. The pacer did a good job of bringing us through for 58 seconds the first 400m. … I’m looking forward to the Prefontaine Classic, and doing better. That meet will be special because I’ll have a chance to defend another title. … I agreed to run here because I knew it would be a good meet. I probably wouldn’t have run this fast in an opener if I was somewhere else. This crowd always pulls you along. … I’m training in South Africa still, and like to compete back in the U.S. once a year if I can. This year I’m in a little better shape at this point since I ran indoors. … (Looking ahead), I’m looking forward to trying to get another medal at the World Championships and Olympics the next two years then retiring. … (As far as other international favorites to watch at the World Champs) It’s a little early to know who the favorites will be, especially since there always seems to be someone new every year. We’ll know better at the end of June. … I was hoping to run a 1500m this year, but haven’t had a chance yet, so I’m not sure how or if it will work out.”

    Nicole Teter, Oregon Track Club (2nd Place – 800m (1:59.91)
    “This crowd is great to have behind you no matter if the stadium’s completely full – they cheer you every step and they’re so knowledgeable. … This is another in a series of meets that I’ve been able to build on towards USA’s, and each one keeps getting better. I’m looking forward next to the Pre Meet and hope I can compete like I did today. … I knew we were running fast, and wasn’t worried about getting a U.S. leader.”

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