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      Last night I ran the Roger Bannister 50th anniversary mile race at Hart Park in Wauwatosa, WI. There were 4 seperate heats and 73 people total. The race was free, they asked for donations and I gave a buck. The race was chip timed and the results are at: There are splits for the first 10 yards and each subsequent 400 meters.

      This is the first time I had run a mile or 1600 in almost 20 years, since my senior year in high school. So I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought I’d try to break 5 and if I died it’s only a mile, right? I went out and took the lead and was on goal pace for the first quarter. Then, with lungs starting to burn and the legs getting heavier with every step, I slowed even though I wasn’t giving any less effort. Chaz and Joel passed me right after the 1/2 way point of the race and I didn’t, couldn’t, respond. I finished in 5:11. Not too bad for a race I trained through. I missed my main time goal, but gave it a good effort and now I’ve got a starting point for this season and something to base my training off of. 5K pace will seem alot easier by comparison.

      Good luck to all racing this weekend. will be well represented at Ice Age. I expect full race reports from everybody. 😀

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      ESPN had a nice special called “Barriers Broken” and they profiled the first woman to swim the English Channel, the first ascent of Everest and the first 4 minute mile… let my 11 year old stay up too…

      they all had support teams, especially the Everest group who actually had two pairs try the last push to the top… and no commercial support… talk about a different era…


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      Great mile Jeff, that’s a nasty distance. 5:11 rocks! PSKI

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