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    hey everyone

    would you share your running goals for 2008??


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    Other than the usual (stay healthy, etc.) there are only two goals for me in 2008, though I'm sure more will come up along the way. Both involve making up for what happened in 2007.

    1) A Team victory. 2007 was the first year since 2003 that Team didn't win at least one event.
    2) A successful ultra. That Chicago experience left a bitter taste in my mouth and I will make up for it.

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    • run marathon #20
    • set a PR at either 50K (road) or 50M (trail)
    • try a snowshoe racing event
    • run at least 2000 miles
    • stay injury free
    • have fun
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    – train smart, using my christmas present (Forerunner 305)
    – set masters PR's in as many distances as possible
    – run at least 2000 injury free miles
    – set myself up to be healthy and in shape this time next year, to be ready for BOSTON 2009
    – Stay ahead of my ever improving kids… 😉

    A review of my 2007 goals that I wrote back in January show these results:

    300 days run – (296 with 12 days to go)
    2250 miles  – (2313 current)
    37:00 10k – (37:52)
    1:25 1/2 mar – (1:22)
    2:12 20 Miles – dns
    2:56 Marathon – (3:14 @ TCM)

    Overall, 3 up, 2 down, one no call…. I'll try to do better the next time  🙂

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    My goal is the have surgery on my heel. And then start running again. No running, only slow walking, for 10 months in 2007.


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    WI MTP

    Ryan – Do you have a particular ultra in mind?  I am 60% likely for Ice Age 50M.  My 1st experience with the distance was 2006 Glacial – I ran even splits 7:50, not too bad for this trail ultra.

    My goals
    #1)  Hit 170# during the year (225# currently)
    #2)  Run a PR in a fall marathon (2:45:58)
    #3)  Find a way to run Al's run – My wife works that weekend.
    #4)  Run at least 1 race every month of 2008

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    I'm considering the Ice Age 50K, depending on how the spring's training goes. If I can't get the spring training together, hopefully I can pull together some summer/fall training and shoot for a fall one like Door County or another trip to Chicago. Ice age would be ideal, though, as it would be a reasonably short trip from home.

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    WI MTP


    Take the training wheels off!

    just kidding –

    For me a 50k is too much like a marathon, where a 50M is so much different, I could just relax and go with the flow.  Walk the steep uphills, run the downs and the flats.

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    Hi All — been a few years.  My goals for 2008 are consistent miles & training as well as maybe a half dozen races at various distances.  I took a while off from running & started back in April of this year, ran a half marathon in Sept. 1:30:00, didn't really train specifically for it, so not to bad of a result, then about a month ago ran into a little tendonitis, so I am just getting back at it again, should be a fun year …

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    Yeah, well I'd like to have a successful 50K before tackling 50 miles.

    Chuck, good to see you around. 1:30:00 is quite the performance for such a short amount of time back into running. I have a feeling 2008 could be a very nice year for you. Just stick to it and establish some consistency and I'm sure the results will follow.

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    Thanks Ryan — I sure hope so …  ;D

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    Get used to running everyday.  Lose 20 pounds.  Run the Ice Age 50 mile.  Break 30 at Al's.  Perhaps do the Strider 12 hour run on the track or the Door County 50 mile on the roads.  Beat Woody at something.

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    Hey Double — I think the last one sounds like the easiest !!!  😉 hehe

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    I'm putting all my eggs in one basket for 2008, so hopefully I'll stay healthy through the winter.

    I'm gearing up for what I hope will be the fastest marathon of my life, how fast, I can't say just yet, but currently I'm thinking 2:4?

    May 4th 2008  NJ Marathon

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    To run more and run better, but then that was the same goal for today, yesterday, last week, last year, last decade, etc., so it is not exactly new for 2008.  8)

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    WI MTP

    Hey Double – Hope to see you again at Ice Age

    Of course I want to lose 40# by then  ;D

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    WI MTP – Ice Age will be fun.  My favorite event of the year.  Do you go to any of the training runs?

    Chuck (Slim) – Woody called me a couple days ago.  He seems to be in good shape.  Glad to hear you are doing well and back running.

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    WI MTP

    Double – No, but I will likely add some Highcliff state park or Ice age by Greenbush a few times before the ICe Age.  I ran Glacial in 2006 with nothing but flatland marathon training – Painful, but doable.  I am also running Boston, so I have to split the difference in training.

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    As far as race times, I would like to set PRs at most distances.

    I want to break 16 in the 5K (current pr, 16:04)
    <37:00 in the 10K (37:10)
    <1:18.40 in the half (only one prior race at that distance, 1:30ish)
    ~2:40 in the marathon (2:53:24)

    As far as training, I would like to build to around 100 mpw by fall marathon time.  Like Ryan, I would like to reduce the shoe that I wear.  I am currently getting ~300mi/shoe, I would like to get that number higher which should, in turn, mean my stride is becoming more efficient.  I would like to cut as much caffeine and sugar out of my diet as possible.  By trade, I am a truck driver, so the most convenient foods are rarely the best for me.  I could go on with all the changes I would like to make concerning running, but I really feel as though our move to a warmer climate will be the best thing for me.  Hopefully, by this time next year I will be around 4000 miles if all goes well.  Best of luck to all in acheiving your goals.

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    run a sub3 marathon on 2/3rds the mileage that I've been accustom to in the past 4-5 years in the spring.  Retire gracefully from the marathon PR chase and enter the arena of multisport.

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